How I look at life now that I am half a century old

When you are half a century old, you tend to ponder, What are my TOP 5 priorities in life?

1. Family- this is my top priority in my life , nothing can change that position. I always want to make sure my family are safe, especially my sons. When they were young , I could sacrifice all my time for them. sitting with them , accompanied them at night after a hard day work while they did their homework. That I did for 17 years for each of my sons.

2. Faith- without God we are nothing. And the good thing is.... the older you get the holier you become, this maybe because our days on earth is getting shorter and shorter. I find that as our age increases, our reliance on God increases too.

3. Health - this really decides whether we are happy or depressed because if we have too much health related problems we can really get very very depressed worrying about our blood pressure, blood glucose, cholesterol level. heart attack etc etc so to be happy we really need to be healthy.

4. Money - even though $$ is not everything but it can gives us nearly everything we want ... a holiday, a new pair of shoes, nice food, new cars, new houses. Hence $$$ is still everything.

5. Achieving success - After working for the last 20 years , I still look forward to achieving success in my career, my life, my family and success in whatever I do because that nice feeling of success can push and motivate us on to the second half century of my life

p.s. This reflection is my entry for the
top 5- Group Writing Project


Anonymous said...

I find that my priorities keep shifting every 3 years but no matter what family has always been #1.

X'tina said...

hello zahra.
Welcome to my blog. Yeah it's true that our priorities is shifting as we grow older and older and very soon like me.. the grandsons or granddaughters will be my top 5 if I ever have them . Maybe it is due to how we look at life as we go along. I enjoy reading your blog since i love shopping especially clearance sale

Anonymous said...

I'm only a couple of years behind you, and I tend to agree wholeheartedly with your post... I suppose I wouldn't have had the same list of priorities at 20! However, I have had children late in life, so I have a 6 year old son and a 1 year old daughter. It will be awhile before grandchildren have to be on my top 5!

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