Excited and woke up at 6.00 am to jog and also to get rid of all those calories from those nice food:


Breakfast at Ocean Palace:


Welcoming tent, they even have ice cold water to give us after we went round Penang on our own:

Lunch after going to Penang:

Captain gala dinner:

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Everybody has been telling us that there is abundant food on Star Cruise , so let me show you exactly what were served at our first dinner on board and watching sunset while having our dinner.
Ocean Palace : for fine dining:

We choose Mariners since it is less formal dining

View we enjoyed while having our dinner:

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We booked the star cruise Gemini of 6D/5N during the Singapore carnival in May at a special price of less than RM 1400 per person. We paid RM 4120 for 3 pax in the same cabin. We brought our son#1 to give him a relaxing holiday. It was indeed a very relaxing holiday for all of us.

We asked about the taxi fare from Puduraya to the star cruise terminal in Pulau Indah, Westport near Port Klang and the taxi driver asked for RM 80 per taxi. Asked another taxi at Bukit Bintang near the hotel that we stayed for the night before the cruise and he asked for RM 90. At the end we decided to take monorail from Bukit Bintang at RM1.80 per pax then KTM to Port Klang at RM 4.30 per pax and then from the last station at Port Klang we took a taxi to Star Cruise terminal at RM 30 per taxi. So all in all we only paid RM 48.30 to transport the 3 of us to Star Cruise terminal. Thus saving us RM 41.70. This is the cheapest way to go to westport if you are in no hurry, of course.

The management even put up this standard taxi fare to protect "cruisers" who need taxi to go to KL when the cruise berth at the terminal
Washroom at the terminal

The terminal looks just like an airport

Wasa Queen: another cruise ship berthing there

This is Gemini from far:

This is the place at the Star Cruise terminal where food like roti canai , mee and local KL food are sold, can pay in USD or RM.

Gemini- I like the view here

This is how we board the cruise ship from the terminal:

Welcoming us on board and we were given our access card that comes with Sing $ 1000 for us to swap while on board, which we need to pay of course when we disembark on the last day.

Excited to see the cabin:
So fully equipped inside the cabin: TV, coffee making facility, mineral water, even moisturiser to prevent dry skin in the cabin.

Life jackets in the cabin too:

Complimentary bathroom slippers:


Super powerful shower to save water consumption:

Close up view of the dressing table:

Entrance to Mariner's Buffet Dining:

Tea time: sandwiches and siew mai

Christmas decor everywhere in Mariner's Dining place:

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