Time: 11:45 pm to 12:15 am
Place: My neighbourhood

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Have Yee sang

Why that arm is so hairy hor??? Whose arm is that????/

Shark Fin

Haiyor.. another hairy arm!!!!!!

Long life noodle

+ lots of wine and whisky ...all bottom -ups

Nice dinner, nice company
Happy New Year

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Went to Maybank and saw this in Guardian Pharmacy... looks attractive and something new to me though I have heard about it so got 2 boxes at RM 8.80 per box with 30 packets of fortune cookies per box. Will give one to each visitor who come visiting on the second day of New Year...good way to wish good wishes for the New Year

History of fortune cookies:

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Spend the whole morning cleaning the outside of my house and the aquarium and now I am sitting back.... and enjoying the fruit of my whole morning labour

My plants not so nice but the flower pots are, rite? Flower pots costs RM 13 one set + the base

This flower pot nice hor... costs Rm 12 only original price RM 36, now sold as rejected item

Ihe interior....

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Just 4 more days to CNY but don't seem to have the CNY mood yet.. .Anyway I put up this CNY deco tonight.. hopefully will get me into the CNY mood

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Son #1 ( aka Big son) loves to eat the Pie Tee from Chopperboard ( a family Franchise food outlet ) in Penang, so I decided to make Pie Tee this Chinese New Year.
Utensils needed:
Pie Tee mould

Pan for deep frying. ( Optional but so much easier to fry with this...and less oil is needed since it is smaller as compared to the big kuali...cos the mould needs to be immersed in the oil


125g plain flour
30g rice flour
Pinch of salt
1 egg, beaten
325ml water
Oil for deep-frying

Combine both flours in a mixing bowl; add the egg, water and salt to form a batter. Whisk slowly until well mixed. Strain batter.

Heat oil in a saucepan, with the pie tee mould immersed in the oil until mould is just hot.

Lower the heat. Dip hot mould in the batter, ensuring that it´s thoroughly coated.

Allow excess batter to drip off, then plunge mould into the hot oil. (the mould should not be overly hot and the batter must not sizzle when the mould is immersed.)

To separate the batter from the mould, jiggle the mould up and down to loosen the soft edges around it. The batter should come loose with a slight shake.

Allow the casing to cook until it´s light brown. Drain.

As for filling, the easiest is just buy Tuna mayonnaise and put into the casing and eat lor.

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6:35 am ..all ready to go and "fetch" the bride home

6:45 am ... haiyor.. need to pass these "guardian angels" physical and mental tests before they allow him to bring the bride home.Physical tests -20X press-up , hula hoop hooping ...mental test...where was the first dating place?what did she wear when u first kissed her?

7:10 am .. whews ...finally pass all the tests with flying colours so can bring the bride home liao

+ lots of gifts of cos.....

7:12 am ... look the groom looks so happy and so does the bride

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Firecrackers are let off to welcome the bride and the bridegroom home

Bride's bouquet...

eating these glutinous rice balls to symbolise.. sweet marriage life

10:00 am Praying with the pastor of Trinity Church before the blessing ceremony

The blessing in church ceremony begins.....

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Wedding dinner

The VVIP table

The rock and roll waiters and waitress.. we are so worried that they will drop our precious food , moreover we were ao hungry liao and yet they turn and turn our food around

Cutting of cakes

lastly all the best to seng and vivian ...
Best wishes from an "old auntie" here
Be fruitful and multiply hor... so that we will have lots of 4th generation simsssss in our family hor

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