This MR Anonymous aka MR Goblok left this comment on my blog title:

Two moons on 27th August

Anonymous said...
I don't think you're an "educator" at all. A real teacher would research this better, and would know by now that it IS a hoax.

You then wouldn't have to get up to (not) see it that day.

8:56 PM

He is a real MR Goblok lar cos he cannot see the real meaning behind that blog!!! the word Mr Goblok really defines that sort of person , ok lar Mr Goblok I have done my research kao kao and this is my end result of my research ......Mua..ha...ha...

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News like this, this and this is putting us in a big big dilemma... that is to discipline or not to discipline our increasingly undisciplined students...the other day I caught 2 Form two boys smoking right outside the school compound just before school begins ...found a lighter in one of the boys pocket....interrogated them and then just by sending them to the school higher authority ..I got 2 long scratches on my 3 years old metallic car.... sigh...sigh....and with the media churning out so many front pages story about teachers dealing with disciplinary problems in schools we teachers have only 2 roads to take ...
1. see disciplinary problems ...we face it and who knows may even end up in the front page of local and national newspaper or
2. ignore and pretend not to see any disciplinary problems in order not to end up on the front page

If we choose path 1 ...we teachers "die"
If we choose path 2 ...students and parents "die"

so how??
Comments are very much welcomed!!!

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1. You shall not kill.
2. The road shall be for you a means of communion between people and not of mortal harm
3. Courtesy, uprightness and prudence will help you deal with unforseen events.
4. Be charitable especially to victims of accidents.
5. Cars shall not be for you an expression of power and domination.
6. You shall not drive when you are not in a fitting condition to do so.
7. Support families of accident victims.
8. Bring guilty motorists and victims together, at the appropriate time , so that they can undergo the liberating experience of forgiveness.
9. On the road, protect the more vulnerable party.
10. Feel responsible towards others.

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Show off time ...... here comes the home made bread using my bread maker. can you smell the nice aroma fuming off my bread?

Black sesame walnut wholemeal bread

Carrot raisin wholemeal bread

My hot steaming buns
very nice and can eat w/o fear because nowadays you never know what are inside those commercial buns

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I am familiar with simplified chinese or hanyupinyin..but have you heard of simplified spelling in English?

1. Onely por peepl lik u hav 2 lern, ennywun agri?

2. U ar verry butiful

3. Do u hav ani munny?

Here are a selection of reformed spellings as envisaged by the Simplified Spelling Society taken from here, Simplified spelling glossary

Addicted - adicted

Anyone - ennywun

Are - ar

Beautiful - butiful

Becoming - becumming

Benefit - bennefit

Couple - cupl

Difference - difrence

Have - hav

Health - helth

Learn - lern

Low - lo

Memory - memmory

Money - munny

More - mor

Most - moast

One - wun

Only - onely

People - peeple

Phonic - phonnic

Poor - por

Single - singl

Simple - simpl

Slow - slo

Still - stil

Therefore - therefor

To - tu

Very - verry

Were - wer

Worse - wors

You - u

Young - yung

Your - yor

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These few days I have problems trying to reply comments on my own blogs and also on others' blogs at Blogger aka blogspot...... Is there anything wrong with my computer or is it the fault of Blogger. Every time i click on comments then the button asking me whether I want to show the non secure information... come out: i click YES also cannot , I click NO also cannot.... and today new problem ......I click on add comment , want to comment but the toolbar at the buttom keeps blinking and bilnking and I just cannot type in my comments in the comment column....Hello Blogger out there..... Do you all have problems like me???

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As a Form 2 ( 8th grade ) Maths teacher, I found that my students are always having great difficulties in learning equations and algebra which later expands into more complex algebraic expressions and formulae. To our students who are learning algebra for the first time , it just like looking right into the face of aliens

After much research on Internet I found this score learning programme which help students with these equations and algebra. The programme uses a diagnostic and prescriptive approach to identify a child's needs, then define an individualized learning plan. Their adaptive computerized curriculum also helps children to learn at their own pace.

Their learning is effective because each student will receive individual instruction from their math tutors with no more than seven students for every instructor as compared to our class of 40 students.With such good attention students are bound to make significant academic progress, which will later translate into improved confidence and motivation. This approach of learning will surely inspire our children to excel.

Math can be complicated and math can be hard, but once it's understood, math can be fun.

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See what i got in my letterbox today.....

and inside this nice envelope i got this:

Not just 2 but 16 of those vouchers i am going to Parkson to buy this: Grandsolar Garden Accent Lamp

Nice or not .....To light up my patio at night using solar energy ...price RM 88 only so still have RM 72 left erm.... so may buy 2 of these just by adding in RM16 more ....

Thanks to NewsRoom for giving me these free Parksons vouchers worth RM 160.. Have you sign up for the NewsRoom yet??... What are u waiting for ... click the mash button on the right and sign up fast fast liao...

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This is the new toy I got for myself:

In order not to feel guilty for buying this toy I need to state to myself 10 good reasons for buying it :

1. It is cheap RM 249 only + 2 cosway redemption coupons

2. Hard to find real 100% wholemeal bread in bakery...most of the wholemeal bread are actually mixed with at least 30% white flour

3. As a prediabetic, I really need to eat low GI wholemeal bread even though it is not nice since it is tough and not sweet.

4. Most bread sold in towns are loaded with preservatives.

5. Very lazy to drive to my favourite ALOHA DELICATESSEN BAKERY just to get one loaf of bread

6. Can just set the time and wow... wake up in the morning a nice loaf of bread is there waiting for me......

7. Can now make a wide wide variety of wholemeal bread wholemeal banana bread, wholemeal cheese bread .. wholemeal cinnamon bread, wholemeal bacon bread, wholemeal herbal bread the list long enuf to bore you???

8. I love to eat pizza but after diagnosed as a diabetic I shy away from Pizza Hut so with this new toy I can make my own wholemeal pizza base and put my favourite toppings on it ...Muahaha...

9. For the last 7 months, I didn't eat a single piece of my favourite pau:

with this new toy I can command it to knead pau with wholemeal flour then take them out and put in fillings and steam ...tata... my favourite pau.sssss.

10. I love baking but I hate kneading ... so this machine will now do all the kneading in this world without me lifting a figure ..just need to press buttons .. I love technology.......

Ok ..enuf 10 reasons ... I don't find myself guilty anymore to buy it.

Shhh.. just to tell you my llth reason ..also a secret of mine... that is to celebrate my pay rise this month... I love Abdullah Badawai aka Pak Lah ... someone once says this " Masa Abdullah, SEMUA NAIK..." do your own research and interpretations on these words...

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