I am familiar with simplified chinese or hanyupinyin..but have you heard of simplified spelling in English?

1. Onely por peepl lik u hav 2 lern, ennywun agri?

2. U ar verry butiful

3. Do u hav ani munny?

Here are a selection of reformed spellings as envisaged by the Simplified Spelling Society taken from here, Simplified spelling glossary

Addicted - adicted

Anyone - ennywun

Are - ar

Beautiful - butiful

Becoming - becumming

Benefit - bennefit

Couple - cupl

Difference - difrence

Have - hav

Health - helth

Learn - lern

Low - lo

Memory - memmory

Money - munny

More - mor

Most - moast

One - wun

Only - onely

People - peeple

Phonic - phonnic

Poor - por

Single - singl

Simple - simpl

Slow - slo

Still - stil

Therefore - therefor

To - tu

Very - verry

Were - wer

Worse - wors

You - u

Young - yung

Your - yor

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    Johnny Ong said...

    Well you can't beat this English then:-


  1. ... on 3:25 PM  
  2. audree said...

    Hahaa.. My mom send messages to me like that!

  3. ... on 3:27 PM  
  4. X'tina said...

    hi johnny ,
    I realli njoyed wat u hav ritten , so nex time wen my stewdents spell ther Inglish words lik tat I knot cut off ther marks.

  5. ... on 7:48 PM  
  6. X'tina said...

    Hi audree,
    Tel yur mum she is sertainly koret cos tat ingrish is now publik akseptanse.
    Moast peeple wer undesitan wat she min. Its becumming mor simpl fo peeple lik her to lern ingrish

  7. ... on 8:08 PM  
  8. tina said...

    i am trying hard not to adapt that style! hehe.

  9. ... on 12:18 AM  
  10. X'tina said...

    Hi tina,
    Thanks for the visit. We are all trying hard to stick to the so called "Queen's English" but because of the sms thing we tend to do the simplified form even in our blog. That's why as teachers we all are having a hard time with our students' English nowaday.

  11. ... on 8:47 AM