As a Form 2 ( 8th grade ) Maths teacher, I found that my students are always having great difficulties in learning equations and algebra which later expands into more complex algebraic expressions and formulae. To our students who are learning algebra for the first time , it just like looking right into the face of aliens

After much research on Internet I found this score learning programme which help students with these equations and algebra. The programme uses a diagnostic and prescriptive approach to identify a child's needs, then define an individualized learning plan. Their adaptive computerized curriculum also helps children to learn at their own pace.

Their learning is effective because each student will receive individual instruction from their math tutors with no more than seven students for every instructor as compared to our class of 40 students.With such good attention students are bound to make significant academic progress, which will later translate into improved confidence and motivation. This approach of learning will surely inspire our children to excel.

Math can be complicated and math can be hard, but once it's understood, math can be fun.

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    Anonymous said...

    The Mathematics syllabus has been diluted and watered-down so much over the past few years, yet many students are unable to grasp the very fundamentals of almost every topic in the syllabus. As an example, gradients and straight line graphs which were formerly taught in Form2 had been "promoted" to Form4, while vectors taught in Form5 had been absorbed into Add Maths.

    I strongly feel that the dully-printed textbooks with boring examples are responsible for this decline. Comparing them to current Mathematics (and Science) texts used in the US will reveal what I mean.

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  2. X'tina said...

    Hi Anonymous,
    I strongly agree with you. The standard of Maths has indeed dropped a lot...sometimes I also find that teaching Maths to the weaker classes is just like teaching an alien subject to them ... but if we really ponder about it... like in Form 2 topics we teach them locus.... how useful is this to our weaker students in their daily life? Topics like vectors and gradients do they,the weaker students need to know that in their daily life????
    Besides passing their exam ... what other use it is to them ???

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