Two days ago, I just heard my colleagues scolding one of the students who came to the staffroom looking for that super worn out and torn football... "you all only know football, eat football, think football." Most boys are die hard fans of football. I remember during the World Cup, most of the boys came to school with those super heavy eyes after staying awake up at those early hours to watch football and some told me that they even watch those football matches with their father.

With school holidays coming this website will be a good entertainment to check out for football fans out there : Loading of the website maybe a bit slow though but it is worth all the wait. It has 5 channels featuring all aspects of football and your favourite football stars.

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We planned to walk the other direction of bali (to Tuban) today after breakfast at Ida Hotel .

We set out another day of exploring Bali on our own.

First stop: shopping at the stall

Then we walked to Waterbom but because there were too many people being Hari Raya in Indonesia that we gave up the idea of entering the water park.

Further walking brought us to Discovery Plaza.

Walk to the end of Discovery Plaza and you will see this beautiful view which is a great place to watch sunset:

As walking burned off calories so we stuffed our stomachs at A&W @Discovery Plaza.

Rp 5000 soup:

Rp 7000 Mango packet:

Rp 17 000 waffle with ice cream:

Guess what signs are these:

Actually there is not much to see at Discovery Plaza so we decided to walk to Poppies Lane 2 to hunt for that famous Warung 96 by using the Ida Hotel backdoor way. Poppies Lane 2 was actually very near to Ida's Hotewl but the poppies lane was so small and narrow that we missed the turning and walk so much further up hence we discovered the Bali bombing site:

People left cigarettes and drinks here for their lost friends:

A sad sight................200+ died here...

Let talk more happy food @ warung 96, Legian which is famous for its thin crunchy base pizza which is made from naan bread

This is how they bake their pizza:

Rp 30 000 pizza:

Gado gado again:

There are many surf shops in Poppies lane 2:

Tell you it is fake and yet you don't believe me ...haiyor

Yummy yummy icecream of all flavours but no sugarless icecream...

Dinner at Bamboo Cafe again!!!
Curry crab that are not hot at all...
Gado gado
T bone steak:

Pork satay:

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After reading from the Chinese newspaper, about Bamboo Cafe and the cheap food there, we all set out to look for Bamboo Cafe in Legian with the help of our map.
these were what we saw on our way to Poppies Lane fom Ida Hotel which is right behind Matahari Supermarket.

This is Poppies Lane 1:

After walking through that long and narrow lane , we finally find this Bamboo Cafe.

Let's see the price of food here: This is one of the cheapest place to eat in Bali besides those warung by the roadsides. Rp 1000 = RM 0.38

The Rp 3000 = RM1.20 tea
Satay with rice that cost around Rp 16000 = Rm 6
Fried Squid with rice that is around Rp 15 000

This is the seafood basket that we loved , cheap and big portion which is enough for two @ Rp 50 000 = Rm 20 . of course it is not as nice as the sea food basket that I had in KK, the Fish & Co but it is cheaper here in Bali.

This is chicken chop , I think...

What is better than a walk and admiring the famous Kuta sunset after such a heavy meal of seafood, but from my eyes, Kuta sunset is only so so, we get better sunset view at home. I just didn't understand why there were so many people on the beach in Kuta just to watch that so-so sunset...

Things we saw on our way back to Ida Hotel:

What a name for a cafe??? A&W at Matahari Supermarket with the price in rupiah:

Reminder: Kuta is very very hot , some of us got sunburnt.

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