Just back from Bali after a 6D/5N trip. Travelling with the crowd was really no joke at all in LCCT, there was not even a space for breathing while in LCCT!!

Because of the cancellation of Kuching-Bali flight we had to fly from Borneo island to KL then fly all the way back to Borneo island again to Bali hence reaching Ubud at 10.30 pm after being driven through those narrow roads by our tour guide Dewa and his brother and cousin.

We checked into Tegal Sari Hotel which we booked and paid since March 2008.

The hotel looks exactly like what I saw on internet. Very good service, very nice and polite staff. We all fell in love with Tegal Sari Hotel. Moreover it is only 330 000 rupiah per night = RM 123

Since it was so late we ordered fried rice and beehoon from the hotel restaurant to be sent to our room for supper.Bill for two pax is 52 000 rupiah = RM 20.80

We planned to go to Kintamani at 5.30 am the next day to see the sunrise. At 11pm we requested the hotel to pack our breakfast to bring along to eat and fantastically they agreed to get our breakfast prepared at 4.30 am!!Isn't that nice? Toasted bread with mashed banana as fillings and fresh fruits.....very healthy meal

These are the views around Tegal Sari Hotel: Good place to relax and destress. highly recommended for travellers to Ubud, Bali.

This picture can tell you how safe Ubud is since this is the way our hotel doors are locked at night.

To be continued.......

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