I was doing my once a week cleaning yesterday and in my mind I am comparing Malaysian houses to Engish houses.

1. Super Small, narrow and an super steep staircases in English houses. So small and steep that if you are carrying a big suitcase upstairs, it will be a big problem. As for the furniture, most of them buy those detachable type or else there is no way to bring a fixed big cupboard upstairs.

2. Nearly the whole house is carpeted so there is no need for indoor broom or mop like the one we have at home. A vacuum cleaner is a must get item there.

3. In Malaysia here when we clean our bathroom we can splash and brush everywhere with water, but not in UK houses because the floor is made from oak wood . Everything need to be wiped and they bath with shower curtain to prevent water from splashing on the floor.

4. Another funny thing about UK bathroom cum toilet is everytime you enter. you need to grope about for that long piece of string hanging from the ceiling in order to switch on the light and the ventilator at the same time. Hre, we just look for the switch near the bathroom room .

4. We have big car porch for 2 or 3 cars , most UK homes has no car porch at all, except for those super rich ones.

5. Where to dry our clothes in winter? Here:

On the heater, and surprisingly it dries pretty fast and the clothes are really crispy( like keropok) after drying and we can just put layers and layers of clothes to be dried here.

6. UK's kichen does not have tiles , instead they are using oak wood too.

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Nice or not? This is what I get after I install sweetIM. Very refreshing as compared to the old goggle search screen. The thing I love about SweetIM is the new and cute emoticons and winks.

The best thing is, it is free and it is fun. Try it for yourself.

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Chinese New Year is just round the corner, less than 3 weeks away, but I am super duper free because this year there is

- no CNY shopping to do
- no cookies to bake
- no cakes to make
- no concrete pavement to clean
- no cushion to change
- no CNY decor to put up

Muahahar cos this is my CNY plan:

Reunion Dinner - eat in restaurant,

First day of CNY - after eating breakfast at my SIL's place then go to temple to pay respect to my late MIL, then zoom we drive to Sarikei ( my hometown).For info , I have not spent any CNY in Sarikei for the last 28 years, since I married into the Teochew's family.

Second day of CNY - drive to Sibu to attend my husband's niece wedding which will be on the third day of CNY

Third day of CNY - attend wedding in Sibu

Fourth day of CNY - drive back to Kuching which will take us 6-7 hours of driving

Fifth day of CNY - back to school to teach lor.....

So while everyone rushing here and there to buy CNY goodies and shopping, I can afford to goyang my kaki at home....hohoho..

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I was driving passed one of the Chinese Primary school this morning and it was recess time and I saw a lot of parents bringing food to the school for their kids' recess. I was thinking to myself:
Is this necessary? Why don't they just let their kids ta-pow the food to school in the morning rather than sending the food personally to the school for their children's recess time. The parents not only causes traffic jam on the road leading to the school , they also spoilt their kids like that.And many of the parents I saw are working parents who specially takes time off to see their kids during recess time and I have been noticing that, this is happening the whole year round and not just at the beginning of school terms.
I was thinking, when we were young our parents never ever send any food to us when we were in school , be it kindy or primary school. Most of the time we were just given 10 sen to buy whatever we think we want to eat in school so don't you think the children nowadays are too spoilt by their parents? Or is it because parents nowadays are more free when compared to our parents at our time?

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Got an MSN msg from one of my students just now, something like:
Help me to see this photo( with some file attached) can be used or not?
Being a helpful person, unsuspecting of anything, I clicked on the file and download it, then habis lar...the file generates into an autosend and send to all my contacts on MSN......
First reply I get is luckily from my closest IT savy contact who tells me the photo I send got virus, I say har....when did I send you any photo then my quick mind tells me that it must be a virus that autosend the same file to all my contact on MSN...SI LAR like that..then I quickly type MSN message to all my other contacts on my MSN but too late ...all got virus.....
I scan my computer with AVG but got nothing so if you also got hit like this the best way is uninstall your MSN from your programme, then reinstall again.And that is what I have just done.

Moral of the lesson: You just cannot be too helpful in the cyber world.

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Haha...after an absence of a week from my blog , I received an email from Russia asking for updates...My excuse is ..this is the busiest part of the year for me

- so many forms to dealt with,

registration forms,

Text-books-on-loan forms.

data conversion forms

name cards forms

- fees to collect

- data to key into the school computer system

-students to dealt with especially when you are given the last class in F2 to be form teacher and just last week, one student in my class was caught with a packet of cigarettes in his school bag and a lighter in his pocket and the same student has ponteng school for the the last two Fridays!!

- every day when there is no new admission I should say a loud " ALELUIA" cos more students admitted means more discipline problems .

Anyway admist the super busy schedule I still managed to squeeze some time to go to the 2 new shopping complex in Kuching, the Boulevard and The Spring to look look , see see.

With all the upmarkets tenants like Habib Jewels, Bonia, Levis, Body Glove, Big Apple Donut, Esprit, Hush Puppies, Manhattan Fish Market, Pierre Cardin, Starbucks, Sushi King......with the low spending power of thrifty Kuching people, I just doubt how long all these tenants will last......

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Another year gone, and another year to look forward to. I am a person who never make New Year resolution.

School have started and now seeing a completely new group of students again , hence now is the time to delete all those 2007, 200+ names from my memory bank and saving new 200+ names into my 256MB brain space...as age is catching up , I found that I am slower in remembering names as compared in my younger days!!

Aisehman ....28 years of teaching life has gone and just 6 more years to go......but life is getting better for us now cos this is the first time in 28 years that we are asked to teach 20 periods a week instead of 25 periods as in the last 28 years.

Another good thing to begin the school year is there are only 27 students in my own form class...so good now I can bring them wherever I want. That day I brought the whole class to the textbook store to get the free textbooks for them all since there are 15 textbooks for each of them . This is really a relief as compared to 50 students per class years back...

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Was at Damai Resort Executive Suite which cost RM 400 per night for the New Year Eve, per kindness of Hubby's nephew who booked and paid everything and invited us to join his family for New Year Eve's dinner and countdown.

View of the rolling sea from the suite. The wind was so strong that you can hear it howling through the spaces in between the glass door the whole night.

Too bad cos the sea was so rough that we cannot swim in the sea at all!
Anyway it is still good company , good reunion and good food .

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