Why is career life getting more and more stressful?

Why people in higher authority are not thinking about others while making decisions?

Why are there so many changes , moreover changes that are so very unproductive?

Why is there more and more paper work, key in the same data here and there, over and over again?

Remember this wise sayings by my most respected Master Cheng Yen

- Be careful and mindful when dealing with people, but do not be narrow minded.

-Be empathic, be considerate of others while making changes so that they will be touched and think of you instead.

- While you make changes, you are only saving yourself, but when you can influence others , then only you are saving others

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Schoolwork has been real stressful with so much changes ...one change after the other. The problem is they are all very major changes which calls for a very high level of tolerance.

That is my updated career life in a controlled organisation where one sole decision maker can affect the moods, the atmosphere and the way I look at my career and especially this vocation that I once loved and treasured.

So what is better than to go to a holiday to get myself away from this stressful life. Hence I am now planning for 2 upcoming holidays, one for this coming Hari Raya Puasa holiday in September and one more for my well deserved end of year holiday this coming December.

After checking through the website, I discovered that Accor hotel in Kuala Lumpur has the Accor Hotels City Super Sale. Travellers can save up to 60% when they book online between 23 - 29 June, for stays between July 10 and September 30, 2009. Over 250,000 room nights will be on sale, with rates starting as low as US$25 per night.This sale is only for a limited time only!

The timing is just right because I can book now and stay in Accor Hotel, Kuala Lumpur during the Hari Raya holidays from 20th September to 25th September.
my itinerary includes:

20/9/2009 , Have a splashing time at Sunway Lagoon
21/9/2009 , Day trip to Berjaya Hills to enjoy the French village and
the Japanese Gardens
22/9/2009, Day trip to Genting Highlands
23/9/2009 , To Muar to enjoy all the delicacies there
24/9/2009, To Kajang for the famous Kajang satay

so that will be my 5 nights stay at Accor Hotel , KL.


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I have 2 boys and never have a chance to dress up for girls. Everytime I saw those beautiful dresses for girls, I do wish I too have a girl for me to dress up too.

Do you know that now you can have a tailored made dress for your girl too, via online site like this one? That is the wonders of technology and the cyber world today.

Very simple steps to follow:
Getting Started

1. Determine which clothing , Casual Clothing or Dress Clothing
2. Then take a few quick measurements of her height, chest and waist.
3. Next, determine her weight.

Use the size information below to pinpoint the right size.

Size Information:

Girls 4-6x
In general, these sizes should fit preschoolers, but can span from ages 3-6 years old.
Weight will fall between 32 and 54 lbs.
Height will range between 39-48 inches.
Here's how the numbers and letter sizes match up: S=4, M=5, L=6. XL=6x or 7

Girls 7-16
In general, these sizes should fit grade schoolers (roughly ages 7-13).
Height will range between 50-65 inches.
Here's how the numbers and letter sizes match up: S=7 or 8, M=12, L=14-16, XL=18

Girls Slim
For girls with a small frame and thin body.
Available for preschoolers and grade schoolers.

Girls Plus
For girls where the weight is heavier than the proportional height.
Available for preschoolers and grade schoolers.

Shopwiki are complete with those finishing touches for your little girls like hair accessories, dress shoes, purses, tights and jewelry too.

Do check out these lovely party dresses for yourself.

Happy online shopping for your little girls.

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