Due to all those wasted hours and the faulty Transtar bus, my 3D/2N stay in S'pore becomes 2D/1N. My whole day on12/12 was wasted just like that!! Hence I had to squeeze in all the planned places into 1 day since I need to leave S'pore on the 14/12 to KL as early as 8.30 am by Transnasional bus which is cheaper and much more reliable than those Five Stars buses.

Date : 13/12/2009
First stop: Bugis Junction


This is the Hindu temple that is right next to The Chinese temple above and this is the first time I saw so many Chinese worshipping in a Hindu temple, most of them are coming for 4D and Toto numbers.

Fried mee in Chinatown : $4

Wantan mee $3.50
Ais kacang $ 1.50

No littering in S'pore???
Cute hor?
@ Vivo City
The biggest Candy shop:
Wow...interest rate so low in S'pore!! Maybe next time you put $$ in bank , you may have to pay the bank for looking after your money.

Peeking at Sentosa from Vivo City

Doughnut advertisement:
Why this cow look so sad??
Cos the "nen-nen" has been cut and made into stools... very sad hor?

Suffering from malnutrition!!

Kongsi gelap meeting are held here!!

Singapore "mata"

@ Suntec City

Managed to touch the water fountain , we were the last group of the day to touch the fountain. You are supposed to touch the highest part and push it down.....anyway not much truth since before touching I bought the Singapore Toto number 1717 , and after touching ( I pushed the water down with all my might...) the number 1717 didn't come out that night Toto draw pun!!!. children don't try this okay...cos auntie is just doing an experiment thus buying that number 1717

Christmas decor in Suntec city:

Dinner at Tang Dian Wang Shanghai Resataurant:

This unedible face towel costs $1.20!
Nice lighting:

Chinese waxed meat in lotus leaf: $13.80 , portion for 2
Egg and lean meat congee : $7.80, enough for one to eat only

Rice siew Mai : $4.50

Pork dumpling : $4.50

Double styled ribs: $13.80

Double egg fried rice: $7.80
Total bill: $72.25

Not worth it, paying more for the ambience than the food, still hungry afer paying $72.25!!

Saw "precious moment" after that one quarter full meal while munching pretzels.

Then we rushed over to Orchard Road to see the much advertised and talked about Christmas lights up....the candy land..

This was nearly the same as what I saw in London last year:

After rushing from place to place and visiting all the places as planned, we reached our hotel at 11 pm and , the next day we left at 7 am to catch our bus to KL.

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