We walked from Piccadilly to Regent Street and straight to Oxford Street just to see those crowds of people on the 2 streets.There are so many people there till the Oxford Underground tube was so full of people and that people overflew onto the streets from the Underground tube. Really no joke one.

Anyway london is indeed an expensive and hectic city to live in. Hubby was joking that if we have time sure can find lots of coins in London street since people there just rush here and there , even on escalators. They have no time to look anywhere even on the floor.It is advised to always stand on the right side of the escalator so that people can rush passed you on the left side, or else you will hear a lot of "excuse me" at the back of you.

Some nice shops decor for Christmas that we saw on our way.

I fell in love with this shop decor. Very unique. The things in all those shops are designers' goods, hence only the super rich people can afford all those. Majority of the people were there to enjoy the Chrismas decor and taking photos.

This is the one I love most. Green bull-dog.

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