Our original plan was to go to Paris from here but after reading about riots in Paris and the parcel bombs in Paris we decided to just stay here and enjoy all the UK Christmas goodies, Actually to go from UK to Paris is very easy using the Eurotrain from London and they are very cheap too as compared to flights.

Okay for Christmas food, last night we bought this Mulled British wine

Mulled wine need to be warmed up in saucepan and then add in some orange slices. I tell you it tastes really wonderful when it is warmed. It only cost GBP 2.25 per bottle and the alcohol contents is only 8%. Son#2 told us that it tastes better with ginger slices which we are going to try tonight.

For dinner we have this stuffed chicken from ASDA at only GBP 5 for 2 dressed chickens of different flavour!This one is stuffed with peppercorns and some other spices and it tastes superb. With hot wine some more...yum yum

We skip rice but tried the garlic bread instead .Hubby commended that the garlic bread sold at GBP1 for 2 loaves here, is much better than Bolehland's garlic bread. I guess it must be because of the higher quality buter used.

For dessert we have these organic mangoes @ GBP1 for 5 of those super duper nice mangoes , better than our Sarawak tingpekking's mangoes and much much cheaper too.

Strawberries here are cheap and not sour like those from Cameron highlands. After checking the labels we found that they are from Egypt and yet they are only sold at GBP1 for 2 of this packet shown here, Real cheap!!

One more English food you must try is the English scones, hot piping ones after reheat in oven is really really nice with their buttery taste and the juicy raisins..

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