This post is especially for my buddy at home, Joyce, who is always wondering about us in UK...cold or not? got $$ or not? got lost in UK or not? got eat or not?

Haha..don't worry lots of things to eat if you know where to buy. Actually if you work here things are pretty cheap. These are what we eat for tonight's dinner ..looks like Christmas Eve dinner hor?

Garlic bread with butter and parsley, GBP1 for 3 loaves

Ready roasted Bacon Joint for GBP1.78
It looks like this when cut, very nice cos it does not have that "porky" smell which we have at home. Son says it is because the pigs here eat oat and wheat.It looks pinkish in colour like the ham colour. The thing about English cooking is it is very plain in taste and healthy, no Aji-no-moto but just plain salt .

Veggies are very cheap. One whole bag of fresh carrots is only 29p, broccoli 39p, capsicum, 3 for 59p, beans 39p this is our dinner tonight..very ang-mohish, garlic bread with cream of chicken soup, bacon joint, boiled mixed veggies with the extra virgin oil ( pretty cheap here) , chips and left-over baked beans from this morning breakfast.
To make the dinner better, we have this yummy ice-cream for dessert , Romantica from Walls ..something we do not have back home.

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