Was sleeping at the Youth Hostel in Piccadilly London in a 4-bed room . Hence me, hubby and another Austrian girl were in that room for the night. The room was good, warm because of the heater and the linen provided were clean too.

I was sleeping soundly when suddenly I heard in the dark..chik chak chik chak sound and blue light from handphone. I thought hubby was up and going to the toilet outside since he was sleeping on the upper deck of my double-deck bed. Hence I asked..ha mi su? ( What's happening) but there was no answer...then on looking further in the dark I saw a big size body still not sure it was a girl. boy, man or woman who just checked into our room....checked the time on my hp..2.45am in the morning!! Then I saw that huge shadow climbing up the upper deck bed opposite me and I realize that , that was really a big sized fellow. Then I saw her doing her long hair so I guessed that it was a definite SHE. After a while she was snoring like a pig until the Austrian girl woke her up telling her if she could sleep on her side or block her nose with tissue paper or something. I really feel like laughing when I heard that, thinking that they might be friends to be so blunt in telling her that.

Only in the morning I found that they are no friends at all and that new girl was from Turkey..Wow.. travelling alone and checking in at 2.45 am...people in this part of the world are really daring lor, if me I will not dare to travel alone like this...

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