1. Everybody queues here, in supermarkets, at bakeries, at bus stops, everywhere. If you didn't queue, everybody will stare at you.

2. No motorbikes here, maybe it is winter. For the past week , I haven't seen a single motorbike on the road.

3. Pedestrians and disabled people are kings of the road. All drivers give way to pedestrians crossing the road. Drivers here seldom use their horns.

4. Nearly every Britons smoke except the kids of course. If you walk passed any college, you will see students puffing away outside the college gate before they enter for their classes.

5. Britons spit a lot....why ? don't know!!

6. Britons kiss a lot too, in train stations, on the streets, everywhere...some kiss until got sound some more!!

7. Britons has a lot of babies...blame it on the weather!!

8. Britons older generation are very loving and polite too, but not the younger generations talking loudly and with studs or rings on their lips and noses!!

9. Disabled people here are very independent. You see them by themselves on buses, on the streets , in supermarkets.

10. Britons love dogs, they bring their dogs everywhere they go.

The best thing about UK is..after being here for 1 week+ now, I haven't seen a single mosquito, a housefly or an ant yet so every night after eating it is very safe just to leave the left-over food lying on the table.... no need to keep them inside the fridge.

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    Maverick SM said...

    Britons loves dog and they take them out for walks;

    Malaysian loves money and they elect them to parliament to make laws...


    Have a nice holiday.

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  2. Aleckii said...

    Yea, I notice the differences too, when I go on a holiday and people in Malaysia. In Europe, even in Hong Kong, people at least wait until you disembark before entering the train/Metro, etc. In Malaysia, once the LRT door opened, I was actually caught off guard by the inrushing of people and got shoved further in. I was ashamed to finally find out for myself- how Malaysians really act.

    And try walking across the street ANYWHERE in KL city- I'd rather skin a chicken alive first before crossing one. They jump at you from everywhere it seems.

    At least Kuching's a little more laid back. Lots more people with culture too.

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  4. Helen said...

    Laughing at Maverick's comments.

    Hey X'tina, if not for the weather, UK is a great place for my dog and me. lol

    I'm really glad you enjoy your holidays. :-)

    Psst, do you miss our hot and humid weather?

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  6. X'tina said...

    Good one there. LOL..

    Yup, agree with you. Apa boleh buat? And culture like that do take a long time to develop and sink into people's brain.

    People here really spoil their dogs. They even have Christmas gifts for dogs.
    I haven't miss the hot Malaysia weather yet, just hoping that it will snow .

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  8. Eric said...

    ah.. bad habit there.. leaving leftovers on the table.. =p

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