Went to Manchester last Saturday using "The Witch Way" , GBP 5.30 pp return and can just catch the bus right outside where we stay in Burnley here. The bus here is very very punctual and frequent too ( every 20 min there is a bus to Manchester)
Signs like this are found at the front part of the upper deck of the bus to remind people not to put their feet on the glass windows.
People here seldom have car porch in their houses so they all park their cars on the main streets.
This is how UK highway looks like. For your info, no need to pay toll here.

Manchester Christmas Market. Actually December is the best time to visit UK if you are into Christmas mood and Christmas shopping. Lots of these kinds of markets all over UK at this time of the year where you can find German , EU foods and products.

Performances like these are common sights too: They do play lovely music .

We visited this German market

and bought a super long German grilled sausage at GBP2.50

Nice Christmas stuffs:

cute babies too:
They also have those hot chestnuts like what we have at Petaling streets.
Stolons are nice to eat too, very fruity and soft.
Can't help to take these photos for I am a candle -lover...
German wine
Nicely wrapped Christmas candies
hello Santa...
Creativity with metals:
See how they dressed up the empty wine bottles:
Chocolates anyone?
We tried one of these marshmallows coated with rum, raisins and nuts @ GBP 1 each, very marshy of course but not that sweet.
Nice mugs yeah...for dog lovers
Creative and unique clocks are my favourites:

Look like magic lamps hor...if rubbed dunno got genie comes out or not??
Funny shaped hats..

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    Maverick SM said...

    Wah, in Manchester... did you watch English Premier league game?

  1. ... on 8:28 PM  
  2. X'tina said...

    Nope cos I ....
    food-yes, shopping-yes, football-no

  3. ... on 11:57 PM