Aisehman ...time really flies . It was like 9 days since my last post. Okay a quick recatch of what happened in the last 9 days.

24th Dec ( UK time) - left Burnley to Manchester via so many towns like Accrington, Bacup, Blackburn, Bury and Bolton. Reaching Manchester National Express station at Chorlton street at 12.15 p.m

24th Dec ( UK time ) - Reach Manchester airport at 12. 45 pm .

After deciding to cancel our stay at Holiday Inn Manchester Airport, we rough it out for the night at Manchester airport by sleeping on these pink cushion chairs

instead of hotel beds which will save us RM 500. We were not alone, they are many others who also rough it out at the airport with us since there was no transport to the airport on Christmas and Boxing Day unless you hire a taxi which will cost GBP 70 !! At least we are fully equipped with bread and chicken for the night. One ang-moh char boh was so hungry cos all the shops at the airport was closed that I spare her some Christmas ginger cake of mine

25thDec ( Uk time) left UK @ 8 pm for Dubai by Emirates Airline

26th Dec ( Dubai time) - reached Dubai @ 6.50 am .

26th Dec ( Dubai time ) - left Dubai for Kuala Lumpur via Changi airport

26th Dec ( Singapore time) - reach Singapore transit hall @8.40 pm

26th Dec ( Singapore time) - left Changi airport @ 9.20 pm for Kuala Lumpur

26th Dec ( Malaysia time) - reack KLIA @9.55 pm

- stayed another night at KLIA

27th Dec ( Malaysia time) - left LCCT @ 7.40 pm for Kuching

27th Dec 10.30pm reached home after being away for 1 month and 12 days........

28th Dec - attended the staff meeting @8 am ,

registration and collecting fees of students @9.45 am till 11.45 am

Thanks to the red wine and beer on Emirates airline to overcome those jetlag or else I will need 2 toothpicks to keep my eyes open during those 2 sessions.

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    AhBONG said...

    oooo... maths teacher in kch?! wow...

  1. ... on 11:43 AM  
  2. Aleckii said...

    Hello Madam Christina, your trip sounds like a great one! Hope you have lots of fun.

    And Happy New Year 2008!

  3. ... on 12:00 AM  
  4. Helen said...

    Happy New Year to you and your family! :-)

    Hee Hee enjoyed your holidays to the max eh? :-P

  5. ... on 1:53 PM  
  6. keeyit said...

    welcome back lol.. happy new year to you ya.. I saw a lot of your photos during the trips.. really a great experience for you n family.

  7. ... on 11:13 PM  
  8. X'tina said...

    Happy New Year to you all.

  9. ... on 9:43 PM