We do make a wise decision to see the best and also the fastest way to see the whole of London by joining the Original London Tour after reading about it from Day Out Guide. It costs GBP18.50 pp. We bought the ticket at the tube station and it is valid for 48 hours. With this tour we can hop on and off at around 90 stops to take photos and hop on again on another bus to get from destinations to destinations. The whole tour no matter where you board have commentary in selected language.Hence in those 2 days we can say we have seen the whole of London.

Tourism Malaysia at Trafalgar Square:

Hyde Park:

Westminster Abbey:

Overlooking River Thames:

Crossing Tower Bridge:

London Towers:

On board the River Thames Cruise that comes with the Original London Tour.

Tower Bridge:

At Big Ben at12.00 noon to hear the maximum number that Big Ben will strike

At Traflagar Square

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    Aleckii said...

    Hello Mdm Kong! Glad to see you're enjoying yourself in London. In case you're planning to visit other cities in Europe, I've got some tips and pictures up in my latest post ---> http://intrepidlywrong.blogspot.com/2007/12/winter-holiday.html

    And thanks for your posts on UK, seeing that it's the very next place I have in mind to visit.

    Have a nice time there!

  1. ... on 7:01 AM  
  2. keeyit said...

    The eyes of London.. nice nice..

    Nice buildings also

  3. ... on 1:30 PM  
  4. X'tina said...

    Thanks for your tips and pictures. Most probably I won't visit Europe this trip, save it for my next trip here since I know how to go about London now and going to Europe via london is much easier, more choice of transport and cheaper too.
    Yup. you shud come and visit London but be prepared cos things there are super expensive!!

    London is nice but people are rushing here and there even in tube and on escalators..why??? I have no idea.

  5. ... on 5:24 PM  
  6. Helen said...

    X'tina - **stamping my foot* Hey, how come you holiday so long one? *jeles*

    Gosh, those pictures are nice. If you don't mind me asking, who's the hunk you kept posting his photos har? :-P

  7. ... on 3:40 PM  
  8. X'tina said...

    UK means the Ulu Kingdom, so ulu that once come must come long long lor...
    Oh that hunk kah, sons called him Bruce Lee, I called him the sponsor, the social escort, the bodyguard..in more detailed he is my MIL's son...lol

  9. ... on 4:54 PM