Do you know that you all can visit that skybridge that connects the two towers for free?

When we were in KL before we flew over to Manchester .since we are staying in Mandarin Oriental and being so near to KLCC we went to Petronas Twin Tower to look look , see see. Then we saw a notice saying that visitiors can visit the skybridge for free. Just need to line up when the counter opens at 9am then get your ticket according to the time you want. For us we choose the 6.30pm which was also the last trip up to the Skybridge for the day.

Got Yellow Box some more at the queuing up place:

So go early to line up if you don't want to see this sign . The best time to collect your tickets is 9 am .This photo was taken when we went back at 6.15pm.

Surprisingly a lot of ang-mohs were lining up for the free trips too. Sometimes these foreigners know more free things than us local here.

When it is our turn we were all given this 3D specs and a pass each. The 3D specs was for viewing the montage presented by Petronas to inform us of what Petronas has done for the country and for the people of Malaysia. Quite an impressive show, short and effective - 7 minutes show.

Now before we entered that lift that brought us up to the skybridge, humans and all baggages are checked like at the Airport. Maybe they don't want people to go up there with weapons or bombs.

This is what we saw when we came out from the lift at 47th Floor, or is it 42nd?

Briefing at the skybridge:
Go so high up , sure must take photos hor? Or else where got people know you have been to Skybridge le!

View from Skybridge:

Since they kept my laptop in their locker , I was given this locker tag to claim back my luggage .

Model showing the skybridge that connects the 2 towers.

Nice trip to the Skybridge. Must try if you do come to KLCC , afterall it is FREE.

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    Helen said...

    Malu lar.. I've never visited the tower.

    Hey, I bet it's romantic up there. Especially if someone is proposing. :-P

    Psst, you and your 'social escort' got do romantic stuffs up there or not?


  1. ... on 12:54 PM  
  2. X'tina said...

    How to do "romantic stuffs " up there with security personnel all around le??
    Can go and visit , afterall KL is so near Ipoh.Quite interesting actually.

  3. ... on 11:33 PM