Saturday Photo Scavenger Hunt

This is a long canal, stretching from Leeds right up to Liverpool UK. We went for our second walk along the canal yesterday. Even though it is winter now but the view is still lovely as ever.

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    kljs said...

    Nice shot.

  1. ... on 10:32 AM  
  2. bayi said...

    I guess I'll never migrate. Food from orang putih countries don't interest me. It's sing chow mai, roti canai or nasi lemak for me anytime! :)

  3. ... on 9:35 PM  
  4. -TNChick- said...

    Looks like a super spot for a walk!

  5. ... on 11:24 PM  
  6. X'tina said...


    Yup, all the britons staying around here love to walk here with their dogs, or cycle here or even jog here. Nice place, very peaceful and green too.

  7. ... on 2:25 AM  
  8. X'tina said...

    You are just like my hubby, he is already missing Malaysian foods after being here for a month. But British food are very healthy no AJI-No-Moto one.

  9. ... on 2:30 AM