There will be no update here for the next 3 days because we are off to Lundun, all on our own...groping around Lundun!!

I have decided to leave my laptop behind since travelling with one is troublesome and difficult to look after too!! The place that we are going to stay do have wireless connection but need to pay in GBP somemore...hence surfing is 7X more expensive!!

Pray that we will not be lost in Lundun then only I can kambak to show nice photos and interesting things from lundun..If lost I will sms you all for help so keep your handphone on hor...and don't blame me if I sms you all at weird hours cos the time difference here and back home is 8 hours!!!

See u all on Thursday.

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    Helen said...

    Enjoy yourself and don't think too much about blogging, OK? :-P

  1. ... on 3:26 PM  
  2. said...

    Travelling with laptop really troublesome..
    take care

  3. ... on 4:05 PM  
  4. X'tina said...

    haha.. What to do since I promised my buddies at home that I will keep in touch with them through my blog. actually we do enjoy ourselves in London but things there are really expensive!!

    Thanks, laptops are convenience but damn mahuan to jaga when we are move from place to place, but when I see wireless spot, I do miss our laptop lor...

  5. ... on 1:54 AM