Remember clearly the first time me and husband sent him here , 5 years ago. On the way to back to the airport, I just can't controlled my tears cos that was the first time I left him in a strange place .
But time really flies , now after 5 years he has graduated and we are back to Universiti Teknology Petronas to attend his convo. We flew in from Kuching to LCCT while he drove down from Sungai Petani since he is now working as a maintence engineer in Petronas Fertliser Kedah.
So here are his photos for the convo:
1. Gift from mummy and daddy

2. Night before convo

3. son & girl friend

4. Chancellor Hall are ready for the grand event

5. son and room mate

6. son and friends

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Just back from a long and tiring journey - Kuching - KL - Tronoh - Ipoh - Sungai Petani - KL - Kuching.
So many things happen in so few days which includes 2 days of Cuti Rehat Khas which means RM 400 less when I retire ....sobs.. sobs....
At the moment both my desktops are on strike so leaving me with this laptop which has very limited storage loading all the photos that I have taken during my trip is a big problem ...can only show the photos when my desktops are working again

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Time really flies, 2 more days September will be here. Very soon the end-of year holiday season will be here too.. First Halloween, then Thanksgiving, and before you know it, you'll be stuffing stockings for Christmas again !!. Worrying about what to buy again ?
Don't worry, CouponChief is here for you.
Browsing through Couponchief site gives me lots of ideas and helps me to make a wish list on what to buy for myself: ( Need to love myself first before I love others !!!)

I am planning to buy
1. White Programmable Coffee Maker with Thermal Carafe from
It is a value for money offer @$99.95 with FREE SHIPPING when I use cooking coupons to purchase and moreover I will save $50.05 for this purchase.

2. Super value shoes at clearance price from with Avenue End-of-Summer Super deals

Are you jealous of what I am buying for myself...then you too can log onto online coupons which provide a one stop coupon deal and discount resource . It provides up to date coupon codes and promotional deals and discounts is unparalleled in the online shopping e-commerce industry.

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This suckling pig is very yummy and delicious and it is on offer at only RM 98 per suckling. The usual price is RM 200, moreover it is not Made in Vietnam or Made in China but Made in 32nd Mile Kuching. Due to the over productive sow ( female pig )hence they need to have special offer so else it is too expensive to rear them to full grown pig . Believe me we have consumed 4 of these in the last month...forgetting about cholesterol, high blood pressure, uric acid ...enjoy first...die later..

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This is the longest swear word I have ever made.... PTK June 2007 results is out already and just like the past 5 years I still get III for my umum paper where we are tested at least 5 questions on pra sekolah ( translated preschool) matters whereby I have been a secondary school teacher for the past 26 years ... I really see no purpose to test us like that unless they are encouraging us to start preschool either as moonlighting or as our sideline job

With a result like this it means no salary anjakan for me, again no matter what.... Even though I have got a IV already for my Kertas Khusus 3 years back , to get anjakan ( or salary increment) I need IV for both papers..

How on earth to get anjakan since there is a quota of 5 % ...even exams are governed by quota..Oh My Holy Goat!!!

The rational behind this test is we make us all more proficient in the civil service...and this is a real case of cakap tak serup bikin cos they themselves are not proficient enough as proved by the release of our results...I surfed the net to find the website for the announcement of the results but all i got is this
so want or not , we all have no choice but to sms to 39003 to get our results which costs RM0.30 per sms this called proficiency???

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Here I want to share with all josephians ( local and overseas) who are reading my blog this lovely poem penned by PaulSir an ex student of my present school.

Dedicating to all Josephians: Happy 125th anniversary

To my alma mater, today I pen this with much pride
Of St Joseph’s School, where almost all had a good ride
Josephians in sports or education, few can actually deride
It was also there where some even found their brides
Founded by the Mill Hill missionaries from Holland
They built the school like they would in their fatherland
Rajah Brooke gave the land, they dug deep into the sand
On this same spot where St Joseph’s still proudly stands

Today, Josephians commemorate this event of 125 years ago
When the Catholic priests came to our island called Borneo
Leaving home and everything behind, including their ego
To whip us into shape, to be disciplined sons of St Joe

But soon, due to the dwindling numbers of the Fathers
In came, mostly from Ireland, the De La Salle Brothers
They set out to nurture the boys as sons would be by mothers
Spent their whole energy on them, as if they were no others

Kuching boys soon got used to the white men in cassocks
Yeah, they were angmoh, their noses as sharp as peacocks
If you were ever naughty, they’d whack you on the buttock
Their canes, in all sizes and length, were abundant in stock

From De La Salle order, the Brothers were trained educators
That was why they managed to turn many into victors
I ain’t too sure if they were able to please their ancestors
Ho Ho Ho, Cos they had all vowed to remain bachelors

With the Brothers as our teachers, we had forgotten the rest
In Sarawak during their time, yes they were among the best
They touched many lives, although some would detest
Truly, partly due to them we made many of our conquests

Seven years old in 1963, I entered St Joe’s Primary
Malaysia came into being, things’ still in a quandary
SNAP won the polls, Ningkan became chief minister
I believe the politicians then planned nothing sinister

I remember my primary school in Kuching’s Jalan Were
It was such a quiet place then, at night nothing stirred
Two three-storey blocks where boys were taught not to err
From Primary One to Primary Six, I emerged still blur

The principal Brother Austin was a man so affable
A burly guy, he was strict but the character was adorable
The letter ‘M’, he would say, in a manner so admirable
Just remember the walking stick, that would be applicable

There was Mrs Frank James, Mr Philip Sambui too
And Mrs Eng, always kind to let me go to the loo
Dear Mrs Lee, daily she prepared things for us to do
Finally, Mrs Chen, Mr Thang and Mr Chai Chin Tu

Into secondary school, things had to get more serious
Just passed the Common Entrance, we were all delirious
Our young bodies were a-changing, it was even hilarious
To learn a word like ‘hormone’ which was so mysterious

A difficult period, it was the time for boys to become men
Our parents knew that, so they sent us to the lion’s den
Remember son, Brother would say every now and then
Don’t forget your prayers, they must all end with Amen!

A Josephian’s day would begin with the morning assembly
Where the boys had better be present bright and early
The Brothers would ensure in a manner not so friendly
That all would be on time to sing the school rally

So we sang ‘Sons of St Joseph’s a voice is resounding’
Missed a line ‘Answer you all for the trumpet is sounding’
Our goal: ‘Prayer and labour your motto still bearing’
The tough one: ‘True to your standard be doing and daring’

For many Josephians then, those were tall orders indeed
To the Brothers, that was always part of their creed
A few rebelled but the majority learned to take heed
For the Brother were always there in our hour of need

Brother Hyacinth was the badminton coach, he was fast
Brother Adrian played rugby, he favoured a burly cast
Brother Mark was into athletics, beware if you came in last
Brother Henry played nothing, and his boys could have a blast

Then there was one we nicknamed Ta Kei, Big Brother la
This red-face guy was also dashing and pretty good in algebra
The Form Six girls loved him, yes he’s Brother Columba
With him around, they wouldn’t dare be seen without a bra

Personally, I also have many fond memories of other teachers
William Chan, YK Tan, they remained my favourite features
Simon Lo, NG Chai, Mathias Lee were such harmless creatures
Nicholas Jee and Cikgu’ Hol, they were also good preachers

NRC Babu, Clarence, Cikgu Bujang are also fondly remembered
Their demeanour, some of which left many of us bewildered
Then, there were also Joe O’ Connor and Datuk Polycarp Sim
Yes, that loving grand old man who reminded us not to sin

Across the road, many Josephians paid a lot of attention
The girls of St Teresa’s, oh they were such an attraction
Every time the boys whistled, the girls would giggle
Happily for both sides then, they still could not goggle

In conclusion, life in St Joe was both fast and furious
If their sons didn’t do well, parents would be anxious
What were the white men doing there, outsiders were curious
All received a normal education, there was nothing fictitious

Dear fellow Josephians, as you wine and dine tonight
Pray for the Brothers and teachers, our guiding light
Their lives of sacrifices and dedication, try to ignite
Sons of St Joseph’s valiant and true, you must recite

(The writer is an old boy of St Joseph’s School, Kuching. He can be reached at

P/s It is always nice to read what ex students write about their alma mater..their memories, their life , their thoughts and experiences so present Josephians read this and learn from their wise words.
Ora Et Labora

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KLSE as on 17th August 2007 Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Share prices tumbled again ......

so the most appropriate song to listen and sing to now is :
A Better Tomorrow 明天會更好 Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

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This is blog# 3 that I bookmark and read faithfully everyday..more faithful than reading bible..I can only find one similarity between me and this man called ah pek. We were born in the same year ,the year of rooster which means to say that we are of the same age. The rest are all differences:

He is smart, I am not
He is very observant in the cyber world, I am not
He is good in hardware since he owns a hardware shop,I am not
He had many blogs, I have only one
He can write poems, I cannot
etc etc.....

I have been reading ah pek's blog for the last 2 or 3 years especially the ah pek talk 3 talk 4 blog which I think he had removed or hidden it somewhere in his hardware shop. I really like to read the poems and his make up stories when he started blogging especially about the picture of the tiger drawn on the thigh when the husband went travelling and found the tiger was in the wrong position when he came back.....Ah tell you a secret hor last time when we after teaching and get very with our students hor...we went to read your blog ( since we have internet connection in the staffroom ), laughed about the jokes and stories then again... ah pek..
This ah pek hor ..he very the kind hearted one ... you ask him anything he sure will help if he can.. I remember asking him about the virtual money card by emailing him and fast fast he replied me and tell and advice me all he knows ...
Actually hor from his blog I have learned tons and tons of things like PPP, blogvertise, SEO etc etc . He is ever willing to share things that he knows with low ranked bloggers like us.
We Ah pek and

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Are good and caring mothers extinct now?
we used to hear praises like this:

We praise our mothers because of the wonderful things they have done to bless us. While many women do many wonderful things, a mother, our mother, surpasses all others because she has done them for us.

Think of all she has done to give us life: offered her body, her time, her own physical nourishment, her attention, her affection, her concern, her laughter, her tears, her guidance, her correction, her pain, her praise, her care, her sleep, and her love. In fact, the list could continue for more than a page.

Take a moment and reminisce. Think of all the times your mother cared for you in special ways — birthday parties, shopping for you, praying for you, doing without so you could have… "There are a lot of good women out there in the world, but Mom, you're the greatest!" Proverbs 31:29 makes clear, this praise should be given by a good mothers.

But seeing news like this : A mother and her boyfriend have been jailed for murdering her four-year-old daughter in West Yorkshire. makes me ponder what is happening to mothers nowadays...

and also the recent Made in Malaysia case too :Ying Ying murder case and also this: Mother of abused toddler charged
No matter what happens to mothers this day, to me mothers are always and still of this image:

A Mother’s love, is sure to find
A way to comfort, ease your mind

She knows just how, to build you up
When you’re so down, and can’t look up

You love the way, she makes you feel
Like you’re so special, her ideal

Her thought must start, with God above
To bring such caring, with such love

And as it flows, like gentle rain
It surely helps, when troubles pain

The love from mine, is oh so clear
I only wish, she was here

Her warming glow, is missed each day
Even though, I seldom say

But she did leave her gift behind
To help me through, when I may pine

And that’s the feel, known deep inside
Her faith and love, I still confide

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Ok friends I am feeling great cos my google page rank has crawled from 0 to 1 and my Alexa has gone up by 5000+.... small achievement but big feeling.....

After featuring my son#2 blog that I read everyday this is blog#2 that I will feature and also to thank my blog sifu-sifu .. blogs that I bookmark, read everyday like reading bible ( sh.... I tell you but promise me you don't tell God tell the truth hor.... I read blog more than I read bible).

Once in a blue, blue moon I comment and sometimes when my comments are ignored sob sob.. Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket next time i read ...dont dare to comment anymore ...but still read and admire their writings and knowledge.
One of the blogs that I have been reading faithfully for the last two years is
Cakap tak serupa bikin . He is one of the few blogs which is full of knowledge and up to date happenings and surprisingly with such a good blog and with a page rank of 4/10.......

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket there is not a single advertisement nuffnang. no advertlets, no google adsense , no paid reviews... I really salute him and should call him Sir Maverick and he deserve this Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Cheers, Sir Maverick Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket keep on blogging and keep the jokes coming too.

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Featured blog: A Tall Order.
Check this out.

This is my son#2 blog. Don't ask me how he does all those drawings on his blog because I am not an artist at all. Head onto his blog ,drop a comment and ask him how he does it if you really want to know.

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Hello Mr Semi Value,
Long long time ago when the highway collapsed. the bridge broken, the Parliament roof leaking and the building cracking you say they are all acts of God . You also say global changes in the weather pattern have resulted in heavier rain which is to be blamed for the recent leaks at the Parliament building.
On Thursday night a lightning came striking into my house, striking away my modem , my wireless Delink , my computer LAN card and my TV antenna so do you think this is an act of God too or blame it on the global change in the weather ??
I am confused , please enlighten and thank You very much for taking the time to read my letter.
p.s. I know you are a busy man that is why I kept my letter short and sweet.
oh! before I forget have you endorsed this song to be sang in tadika during their daily assembly ?

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Another way to increase your links:

#Start copy here#

The idea is simple: You want readers and you want link backs too because that’s all us bloggers want, it’s more precious than milk for some. So how does it work? Simple! You just copy the list down below on your blog, hence creating link backs for your blogging friends and then click the RSS feed link to subscribe to all of them. Then you add yourself and up to 5 other bloggers and their feeds to the end of the list before you publish it on your own blog. Show your friends some link loveJust imagine if just 10 people would do this and then 10 more after them. That would get your blog 100 extra link backs and 100 extra feed subscribers!

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