Hello Mr Semi Value,
Long long time ago when the highway collapsed. the bridge broken, the Parliament roof leaking and the building cracking you say they are all acts of God . You also say global changes in the weather pattern have resulted in heavier rain which is to be blamed for the recent leaks at the Parliament building.
On Thursday night a lightning came striking into my house, striking away my modem , my wireless Delink , my computer LAN card and my TV antenna so do you think this is an act of God too or blame it on the global change in the weather ??
I am confused , please enlighten and thank You very much for taking the time to read my letter.
p.s. I know you are a busy man that is why I kept my letter short and sweet.
oh! before I forget have you endorsed this song to be sang in tadika during their daily assembly ?

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    Anonymous said...

    Your circuit breaker is faulty because it should had tripped before the lightning electrical surge manages to reach your home appliances. And don't blame God because he might get angry and send a meteorite instead of just lightning towards your house the next time.

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  2. X'tina said...

    Haha Mr semi value...do I sound like I am blaming God? But I do thanks God for that phrase " Act Of God" since it is so very versatile...so if he does send a huge meteorite here..then it is also another act of God...or is it because of global changes in weather pattern le???
    Yahor ..my circuit breaker did trip that night but due to that accurate act of God, it tripped 0.00001 sec after the lightning struck....but still need to blame the weather ...who ask it to rain that night...if no rain sure no lightning right???
    haiyor...still very confused le......act of God or weather ....???

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  4. Maverick SM said...

    Dear X'tina,

    I am appointed by Samy Ulu to reply your plight.

    We have requested the govt for an additional RM2bil to conduct a research to understand your problem so that we could be able to give you appropriate advice and also to other Malaysians.

    The PM is currently studying this request and we are liaising with KJ closely. Be patient.

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  6. X'tina said...

    Hi maverick,
    This surely is a good day for me ..
    First that cute mouse was stuck in your printer.. then a request from the gavoman for an additional RM2bil to conduct a research just to understand my problem muahaha...wow... this really give me another good reason on what to write in the Petronas - "saya anak Malaysia" contest about what I have learned as a Malaysian ,surely can win one of those 50 national vehicles ! I will give you half of that car if I win one...bravo...
    Regards : chris

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  8. ehon said...

    Hi Chris,

    I am writing to inform you that the investigation is in progress already and you should know the result by 2020.

    At the meantime, we strongly encourage you to visit our website at www.neverupdatepunyawebsite.gov.my should you encounter any more problem.

    Thank you for your co-operation.

    Kind regards,
    Sam Badi

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  10. X'tina said...

    Hello Sam Badi,
    If I am not mistaken you must be Sam Mebulu's younger brother right?
    Ok lar,since Sam Mebulu is so busy you can also answer my letter on his behalf.
    I am only 5 years old now, so no problem i can wait till 2020 to know the result of the investigation which costs the gaberman RM 2bil.

    Aisehman..i really like that site www.neverupdatepunyawebsite.gov.my everything so canggih until I dunno how to enter the site cos I can't find the "MASUK" button.. and the music on that website have now stuck in your head for the rest of the life.
    Anyway Terima Kasih for the speedy reply and do send my warmest regards to your brother Sam Mebulu. Thanks again.

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  12. kaklong said...

    lol... this is so funny plus all the comments =)

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  14. X'tina said...

    Hello kaklong,
    Welcome to my blog...nice to know that you enjoy reading it....so you are the only one not related to Semi Value, Samy Ulu, Sam Badi and Sam Mebulu who write this comment. haha..
    Enjoy ur life in US .

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