Just back from a long and tiring journey - Kuching - KL - Tronoh - Ipoh - Sungai Petani - KL - Kuching.
So many things happen in so few days which includes 2 days of Cuti Rehat Khas which means RM 400 less when I retire ....sobs.. sobs....
At the moment both my desktops are on strike so leaving me with this laptop which has very limited storage space....so loading all the photos that I have taken during my trip is a big problem ...can only show the photos when my desktops are working again

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    Anonymous said...

    IS THAT TRUE YOU RETIREMENT WAGE WILL DEDUCT RM400.00??!! just for the two days of CUTI REHAT KHAS!!

    I can't believe it!!!

  1. ... on 12:47 PM  
  2. X'tina said...

    It is not the retirement wage cos retirement wage is still half of our basic salary now.
    It is that we can accumulate up to 120 days of our unused Cuti Rehat Khas ( we are given 7 days per year) and exchange them for cash when we retire. For this year alone I have taken 4 days of CRK..so that is aound RM 800 gone but nevermind lor if cannot live till pension le....who knows ???

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