For the last 2 days i have been taking freshly squeezed guava juice , 2 guava per time , 3X a day using the juicer. I started drinking guava juice cos one of my friend's mum also has high blood sugar once and my friend unfailingly juice the guava for her mum to drink and she reverse the D. I did ask her why not just eat the guava like that and i was told that it is quite impossible to eat that much guava a day. Got some truth also... since the most i can eat a day is only maximum 3.
I also do some google search on guava and diabetes and this is what i get

Guava Benefits

Controls blood pressure
Lowers cholesterol
Battles diabetes
Combats cancer
Protects prostate
If you thought oranges and other citrus fruits were the kings of vitamin C, you need to meet the guava. One guava has 165 milligrams (mg) of vitamin C, while one orange has a mere 69mg. This delicious fruit is also a good source of beta carotene, lycopene, potassium and soluble fiber.

Three Ways Guava Keeps You Healthy

Helps Your Heart
Guava can improve your heart health by helping to control your blood pressure and cholesterol. In one study, researchers gave guava to people with high blood pressure before meals for 12 weeks. By the end of the study, average systolic (top number) blood pressure dropped by 8 points and diastolic (bottom number) fell by 9 points.

Guava’s ability to lower blood pressure could be the result of potassium. This mineral is an electrolyte that is essential to electrical reactions in your body, including your heart. IT also keeps your heartbeat steady, and it assists your kidneys in removing waste from your body.

In addition, the study participants’ total cholesterol dropped almost 10 percent. Experts think guava’s cholesterol lowering effect may be due to its soluble fiber content. Soluble fiber softens and forms a gel that binds cholesterol and carries it out of the body.

The vitamin C found in guava might be a particularly effective antioxidant against heart disease. Studies show it raises good HDL cholesterol, and it helps prevent bad LDL cholesterol from becoming oxidized and turning into artery-clogging plaques. Vitamin C can also help keep your small blood vessels springy and healthy.

Curtails Cancer
Guava is a good source of lycopene. This carotenoid, which gives many plant foods their red or pink coloring, may help prevent cancer, as well as boost heart health.

The evidence for lycopene’s cancer-protective effect is strongest for prostate cancer, lung cancer and stomach cancer.

The vitamin C in guava may also protect your against cancer. Studies find that a high intake of vitamin C may lower your risk of developing colon, stomach, breast and lung cancers.

Treats Diabetes

According to folklore, guava has been used in Chinese medicine to treat diabetes for a very long time. And now, a recent study proves that it could lower blood sugar. The effect was not as potent as cholorpropamide and metformin, drugs commonly used to lower blood sugar. Nevertheless, it may be a natural way to help prevent diabetes.

As I am at the moment off my chinese medication so i decided to drink freshly blended guava juice for the last 2 days.. At the moment there are around 40 + guava in my fridge for my consumption for the next 5 or 6 days . Moreover guava juice is 1000X better than the 2.5 cups of bittergourd juice which I have been drinking for the last 2 months.I have to literally force myself to drink. The first cup of bittergourd juice is still OK and bearable , the 2nd cup - struggled , and the remaining half cup left is really forcing it down my throat!!!! But never mind don't complain at least the bittergourd juice has help me a lot for the past 2 months.

This morning i waited till 7 .30 am to take my bg reading and wonderfully wonderful it was :

Really so happy to see that reading on the meter cos it has been 6.1 then 6.3 then 6.1 and now ...5.6 which means it is in the normal range now and without medication

To celebrate we went out for breakfast ( haven't eat out for the past 2 months since i had a reading of 14.8 ) i ordered Hakka Lui Char Or Thunder Tea Rice ... which consists of tea and mint leaves with lots of veggies , of cos i ask the towkay to give me just a little bit of rice... need to cut down on carbohydrates

Just hope and pray that things will work out to be okay ......Everyday is a bonus day.....

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Before i went to my physician to test my blood glucose this morning i tested it on my new Accu-chek meter and maybe i was stressed too cos this is only the second time i am using the new meter . It shows a reading of 6.3 mmol/L at 7.15 am against the reading of 6.1 mmol/L on 16th Jan ( 2 days ago) . So while driving to my physician I try my very best to relax by listening to oldies songs on the car radio....
On reaching the physician clinic my bg taken with his meter was 5.5 mmol/L. Hence the physician decided to put me off the Chinese medication for a week and see whether my pancreas will do its job. FYI i have been taking the medication since the day i was diagnosed with the high blood sugar of 14.8 mmol/L.
i am still trying to solve the mystery of why a range of 0.8mmol/L in a matter of 45 minutes. For us with high blood sugar every decimal numbers means a lot to us and affect us a lot too emotionally !

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Went for blood glucose test again this morning-- Fasting glucose reading was 5.6 mmol/L. when I see the reading on the glucometer I was so happy it is in the normal range after 25 days of exercise , special diet, bittergourd, cinnamon and the latest addition - misai kucing tea .. thanks to Soo Chiew who took all the trouble to look for misai kuching plants with leaves and sent the whole bouquet to my house... really touched by friends like that. Thanks to Rose too for helping me to look for the plants with roots so that the survival rate of the plant is higher. Thank You friends.
I was joking with my sister-in -law whose glucose reading was 5.4 mmol/L and she is eating durian everyday that i can start eating my favourite durian too .. no lar.. i won't ..... Just joking with her
In all probability i will be stuck with oat, cereal, unpolished rice , lots of veggies, guava , bittergourd, cinnamon, misai kucing tea for the rest of my life.
so all my readers out there do take care of your health...or else like me now a complete change of avoid those cola, 7-up and even 100 plus and those refined sugar, refined flour food...I have heard of so many 30 something young people who also have these high glucose in their blood and have a complete change in their food and lifestyle and medication for the rest of their life.. i also heard of a ST Teresa school teacher who is only 40 sth and now on insulin injection.

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The Blood glucose reading on :

3-1-07 After a full blood test at BP , my glucose reading was 7 mmol/L

4-1-07 My non fasting glucose was 8.6 mmol/L

6-1-07 My fasting glucose was 6.0 mmol/L . So now i finally reach the healthy level... but it will be better if i can reach 5.5 mmol/L but I am almost there with a little bit more prayer and abstinence from carbohydrates and sugar.

My physician who took my glucose reading was so happy for me. Zillion thanks to him for his encouraging and consoling words which gives me confidence to continue his medication all these while despite of all the threats ( yes threats !!!) that i get from the doctors and the nurses at the poliklinik . They really scared me out of my wits......having sleepless nits over their remarks cos they wanted to put me on diabetic drugs.. most probably insulin straight away on the 29th December 2006. I pleaded with them to give me some more time and they all don't seem too happy with me....I really feel so lost at that time....

During the last 3 weeks i really appreciate the kind ,helpful and thoughtful people around me . People who waited with me for my blood result and that is the time where i really need human support and company .. really scared to find out the result cos as human we always tends to think of the worst.... Thank You to my friend who take all the trouble to buy me sugar free cookies for Xmas . Thank You to my ex- students.. (husband and wife) for the discounted glucose reading and the bottle of "san yaw" that you give me and the constant reminder that "you must take it teacher hor cos it helps your glucose metobolism"... thank you ex-students..Even the chicken seller at the Sungai Maong market is so helpful. He and his wife gave me " Misai Kuching" leaves to drink as tea cos it is very good for regulating glucose too. They painstakingly planted the plant , take the leaves and dried them under the sun cos the husband was diabetic too last time . And yet they are so generous to share with me the dried leaves free of charge ...

Thank you God for all the kind , understanding, consoling and encouraging people around me .

Another good news is my total cholestrol level .. 7.45 mmol/L which was super high on 29th Dec 2006 is now normal too at the 4.1 mmol/L and the 3+ protein in my urine is now negative .

Hope with God's help, things will continue to be fine for me.

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