The Blood glucose reading on :

3-1-07 After a full blood test at BP , my glucose reading was 7 mmol/L

4-1-07 My non fasting glucose was 8.6 mmol/L

6-1-07 My fasting glucose was 6.0 mmol/L . So now i finally reach the healthy level... but it will be better if i can reach 5.5 mmol/L but I am almost there with a little bit more prayer and abstinence from carbohydrates and sugar.

My physician who took my glucose reading was so happy for me. Zillion thanks to him for his encouraging and consoling words which gives me confidence to continue his medication all these while despite of all the threats ( yes threats !!!) that i get from the doctors and the nurses at the poliklinik . They really scared me out of my wits......having sleepless nits over their remarks cos they wanted to put me on diabetic drugs.. most probably insulin straight away on the 29th December 2006. I pleaded with them to give me some more time and they all don't seem too happy with me....I really feel so lost at that time....

During the last 3 weeks i really appreciate the kind ,helpful and thoughtful people around me . People who waited with me for my blood result and that is the time where i really need human support and company .. really scared to find out the result cos as human we always tends to think of the worst.... Thank You to my friend who take all the trouble to buy me sugar free cookies for Xmas . Thank You to my ex- students.. (husband and wife) for the discounted glucose reading and the bottle of "san yaw" that you give me and the constant reminder that "you must take it teacher hor cos it helps your glucose metobolism"... thank you ex-students..Even the chicken seller at the Sungai Maong market is so helpful. He and his wife gave me " Misai Kuching" leaves to drink as tea cos it is very good for regulating glucose too. They painstakingly planted the plant , take the leaves and dried them under the sun cos the husband was diabetic too last time . And yet they are so generous to share with me the dried leaves free of charge ...

Thank you God for all the kind , understanding, consoling and encouraging people around me .

Another good news is my total cholestrol level .. 7.45 mmol/L which was super high on 29th Dec 2006 is now normal too at the 4.1 mmol/L and the 3+ protein in my urine is now negative .

Hope with God's help, things will continue to be fine for me.

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