I was recently very addicted to plants vs zombies game and while I was stuck at level 6 , I searched Google to find out how to get over that level so that those zombies will not eat my brain...funny enough while looking up from Google, I discovered that we can even buy plants from eplanters for both outer planters and also indoor planters and they even ship it over to us with charges of course.

Eplanters has a huge range of plants , by types, locations, colors, shapes and sizes. You name it, they got it. They also has planters accessories too.

Haha.. I think I need to send out this note to my zombies friends:

Hi my zombies enemies- especially those irritating bungies jomping ones, dun eat my plants again or else I need to buy more outddor planter rather than those beanz or maize plants to shoot u don and plezz dont ever com in to eat my indoor planter, I wud rater u eat my brainz than d plants....FYI, there are more outddor plants at eplanters than my backyard and rooftop. Do go and check it out.

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