Nowadays knowledge are really at our fingertips and internet is a very powerful tool to find answers to our questions. Last 2 days I received a missed call from one number , not wanting to waste my money to call them - I google searched the number and find that it is from one of the bank telemarketing, hence I can just ignore that call since it is promoting some of their new products to me. Thus, internet is really a very helpful tool indeed.

Recently, one of my students who will be going for her medical interview soon, asked me what will the most probable questions the panel will ask. From my knowledge of interview, the most common questions they will usually ask in any interview will be questions like :
1. Telling about yourself
2. Your background
3. your strengths and weaknesses
4. And of course - why choose medicine?

True enough, after goggling, I found this website:which offers a lot of free advice and information on consultant interview course, medical management courses, medical teaching course and also teach the teacher course.

This does prove how useful internet is , provided we use it wisely and correctly.

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