My holiday has officially started . The last SPM ( EST ) paper ends officially at 3.15pm today. The students in SM Sains are really disciplined. After their last paper, each and everyone of them came forward, shook hands and said thank you to all the examiners. Well behaved students like these are hard to find in today's school. There is no jeering , no shouting and no fire crackers at all in SM Sains after the exam , just smiles and happiness on their faces.

Since the title here is celebration, so to celebrate " freedom " from those long hours of supervision so I didn't cook dinner tonight but instead I order Pizza hut online since they have this promotion of online ordering :

At 5.30 pm, I received a call from Pizza Hut Satok to ask my home address and at 6.02 pm I received this from the delivery man. I paid him RM 26.05 in cash and I get these 2 boxes:

At 6. 07pm I received another call from Pizza Hut to ask whether I have received my order. Thumbs up to Pizza Hut for that real good and efficient service with just an extra RM 2 for delivery.

This is my celebration, that is trying out pizza hut online order by cash. Happy holiday to myself.

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I just don't know why I love this mountain view so I can't help to pull my car to the road side to take this photo at 6.30 am . Nice hor the mountain view?

Another day another view...This time the whole mountain looks like it is floating in the beautiful....wanted to take with my Sony camera but too bad it ran out of battery so I am forced to take with my handphone camera 3.2 megapixel only...cos if I did not take then, I will have no more chnace to take this 6.30 am view since this is the last day I will be driving so early to the examination centre. The last paper for my centre will be on Thursday starting at 11.40 am.

Okay, just 2 more days before my official holiday begins....and no need for me to be kept in this room anymore and looking at the same view and the same people for 8 to 10 continous hours every day..

I am telling my new found friends who are supervising with me that for the next 2 or 3 weeks , whenever I hear a knock or I see somebody putting up his/her hand ...I will automatically hand him /her writing paper after being programmed to do that for 8- 10 hours a day since 11th November!!!

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Even though the school year has ended but my holiday haven't started yet , I am doing the most dreaded job....supervising SPM examination.

Reasons why we loathe to supervise SPM examination?

1. The supervision will use up half of our well deserved holiday

2. We need to wake up and start driving to our examination centre as early as 6 am while the rest of my colleagues who are not supervising can sleep till very late as it is now holiday.

3.We hate those long sessions hour 15 minutes is hour 45 minutes is still bearable ...2 hours paper is real torturing and 2 and half hour paper is ...ALAMAK!!

4. Most of the days we have to supervise morning and afternoon paper, leaving home at 6 am and will not be home till 5 pm !!

5. If we go back for lunch break even if there is a 2 hour break , we cannot claim for our petrol since we are only entitled to make a claim on one journey back and forth a day...go to examination centre one time and go back home from examination centre one time only....even though we have papers in the morning and also in the afternoon!!!

6. We need to choose the whichever is nearer journey ...from school to examination centre or from home to examination centre and we can only claim the nearer journey despite of leaving faithfully from our home every morning at 6 am . For example if from my home to examination centre is 25 km and if from my school to examination centre is 15 km, then we can only claim 15 km even though everyday we drove 25 km from our HOME to examination centre and back!!

7. During supervision, we are not supposed to read anything , 100% alert and always on our toes!
When age is catching up this is a tedious job especially trying not to doze off during the afternoon paper after those morning paper with no bath in between!!

Looking on the bright side least the view on the road at 6 sth am is nice like this, driving towards the mountain called Gunung Serapi:

School that I am supervising:

The scene at the place to collect question papers at 6.30 am :

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This is how we officially ended our school year on 7th November 2008:

Alhamdulillah (الحمد لله), 阿彌陀佛, Hallelujah... that another year has passed peacefully , without any untowards incidents.

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Whenever the annual staff dinner, we always have this happy feelings that another busy year has ended peacefully. This year we had our staff dinner at The Banquet where many of us are lost cos we all thought that it will be at the Main Hall ..only to be told later that it is at the upper floor of a shophouse like this:

The best of the best thing is this door gift that comes with a number with that packet of fruit:

I got a number "003" which I placed no hope at all, 003? 003? and who knows that number "003" was a lucky number indeed.....or is it that I was sitting at a lucky table cos 5/10 of us at the table all got something for the lucky draw that night.

Want to know what are in that hamper?

None that I can eat so can only take photos.

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I have been wanting to go and try the food at The Grill( former Tao Lifestyle Cafe & Gallery) for a long time already after seeing the newspaper advertisement. Since my auntie was here last weekend, that is the best excuse to go to the Grill.

It is priced at RM 28 nett per person , but personally I found that the buffet is lousy and overpriced too, They did serve us grill stuff like this:

But we found that they are quite stingy because even though it was only 7.30 pm when we ask for second helping of the grill stuffs, we were told that they have no more kebab and we didn't even see any sausages as advertised on the board outside the shop downstairs.

There was no clean plate for us to change so we started to "steal" clean plates from the unoccupied tables . We asked for extra tissues paper but they never come. Plain water costs extra RM 1!!

The only thing nice is perhaps the decor only:

The roof:

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Went with colleagues to Causeway Bay Hong Kong Restaurant after the Saturday class replacement .

Nice ambience but very expensive and salty.
The makan gang:

1.Fried meat floss pau for Rm 3.60++

Kuih tiaw soup:

Tea with lemon

Chicken leg

Baked rice with cheese and chicken wing
That is my order: Baked rice with cheese....a bit too salty

Mutton with rice:
Fried kuih tiaw:
Total bill RM 85+, expensive hor..

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