People ask me why of all the places I choose Seremban. For the simple reason that hotels in Seremban is much cheaper than hotels in Bukit Bintang and food in seremban are much cheaper too. Moreover I was on my way to A Famosa Resort in Alor Gajah hence that is the most convenient place to stay. Moreover I can easily go to Port dickson which I have never been to before.

Hotel that we stayed - Carlton Star Hotel( @RM 75 per night per room) - cheap ,big room, clean, got wifi ( but signal very weak since we were staying on the third floor) and the hotel is within walking distance to the main bus terminal.
Hotel view at night

While in Seremban, we went to the famous Min Kok for Dimsum. how to fo th Min Kok take the free shuttle bus from Terminal 1 to Terminal 2. Min Kok is just walking distance from Terminal 2

This was what we ordered:

Comment: moderate price but tea is very cheap - one pot of pu er RM 2 only. Outside look deserted but once you went into the restaurant ,lot of people inside.

Port Dickson
Very easy to go from Seremban . Just take the free shuttle bus from Terminal 1 to Terminal 2 and every hourly there is bus going to Port Dickson. Personally port Dickson is not that great. Nothing interesting or unique there... beaches, resorts, stalls selling souvenirs

Seremban famous beef noodle.
we wanted to walk to Seremban Wet Market, asked the locals and they all told us it is very far away. But determined as ever we walked and found that is is only 10 minutes walk from Carlton Star Hotel. We tried the famous beef noodle but husband say the noodle is only so-so , sweet but lack of that beefy flavour. Husband's order:

My order:

We asked around for the famous Seremban siew pow and the locals recommended this shop.We bought quite a few of different flavour siew pow to bring to a Famosa Resort.

Comment; Seremban siew pow are crispier than Kuching siew pau. Taste wise, Kuching siew paus taste better.

Being not very satisfied with the Seremban beef noodle at the Pasar Besar Seremban we went and searched for another famous Seremban beef noodle. Luck was with us and we found it on our way back to the hotel. I bought the famous beef jerky( @ RM6+) which taste nice, beefy taste and soft too. The shop is very nicely decorated with the nicely framed old records and the shop is so clean that it got A from MPS

Being so satisfied with the beef jerky, we went back to Yee Kee again after A Famosa to try their beef noodles.

Verdict: very delicious

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Have you ever travelled 28 days non stop...hopping from one place to another?

We have just done that. Just returned home and imagine this morning when I woke up I need an extra minute to recall where am I after sleeping in so many hotels for the last 28 days.....?

Left home on 30/11/09 - flew from Kuching to LCCT , took Airport Liner to Nilai and and from Nilai we took City Liner bus to Seremban. We prefer Seremban to KL cos hotel there is cheaper ( Only RM 75 per night) and food in Seremban is cheaper too. We stayed 2 nights in Seremban.while in sremabn we took a dat=y trip by City Liner too to Port Dickson

2/12/09 to 4/12/09 - . From Seremban we took City Liner to Tampin and from Tampin we took a taxi (taxi fare- RM 20)to A Famosa resort in Alor Gajah ( @RM 215 per person for 2 nights stay at A Famosa Resort, admission to Animal world safari, cowboy town with carnival show, and admission to water world)

5/12/09 - went back to KLIA and overnight in KLIA

6/12/09 - 13/12/09 - tour to China - Yunan, (Kunming, Dali and Lijang)

13/12/09- Back in KL and stay at D'Oriental Inn in Petaling Street ( RM 115 per night)

14/12/09 - 24/12/09 - stayed in First World Hotel for 10 nights... I think we were one of the longest staying guests that had stayed so long in a stretch.... our hotel room card was stamped for breakfast and dinner everyday and it was fully fully stamped till the waiter found no more empty space for stamping....

24/12/09 to 26/12/09 from Genting we took a bus to Titiwangsa, LRT to Plaza Rakyat and from Pudu we took another bus to Lumut, alighting at Manjung, a new township near to Sitiawan, stayed at Lead View Hotel for 2 nits ( @ RM 110 per nit). Wanted to stayed on for another 2 nits , pleaded and pleaded but could not get even a single room . Blessing in disguise too cos we managed to get another cheaper and good hotel.

26/12/09 to 28/12/09 . We stayed at Lee Garden Hotel (@RM 55 per nit) . Walked to Manjung Bus station and from there took a taxi (@ RM 10 per taxi ) to Lumut jetty.
From there we board the ferry ( actually it is an Express boat )@ RM 10 per person for a return trip to Pangkor island

In the next few posts I will slowly slowly show you all the details of all these places that I had visited.

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