Before I went to Lijang , everyone is telling me how beautiful and cold is this mountain! so going to teh mountain all prepared with winter clothings, scarf, gloves, and even wine ( bamboo wine) in case it is really freezing cold up on the mountain, but when we reach there it was so hot that we even took off our coat and it because of global warming or is it because the China Government has closed the upper summit hence we can only reach the middle section of the mountain because according to our Lijang tour guide, the upper summit has been closed ...reason the wind is too strong up there even though we do not feel any wind in the middle section of the mountain. As for the snow, we see nothing but white limestone ...real disappointment!! Luckily the scenery is nice which in a way do make up for the unseen snow !!

Hence we did not rent any extra winter clothing and we did not buy any oxygen can.

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Symbol for Lijang:

It was a long long journey from Dali to Lijang...4 hours by bus. if from Kuming it will be 8 hours . Luckily we took a domestic flight back from Lijang to Kunming 9 which took only 45 minutes) or else it will be a real real long journey back to Kunming.

This very English styled outdoor dining:

Alkaline water sold in Lijang. Lijang tour guide told us that Lijang has very few obese people because water in Lijang is alkaline water with pH 7.3.

China beer taste like shandy minus the sweetness

China cola. In Yunan with all the meals served they will always serve 2 bottles of beer and 2 bottles of cola, which if unconsumed can be exchanged for 2 big bottles of mineral water.

For lunch we ate what the horsemen ate many centuries ago:

this is a very interesting huge claypot where no fire is seen but the soup are cooking in it.I touched the claypot it was not hot but warm only but the soup that came out of it is very very hot!!

see the soups inside............

Our lunch: dumplings



Chicken that goes to Fitness centre:

A big bamboo pot of rice:

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Dali is 2025m above sea level. The weather is very dry and semi desert like. some of my group even got nose bleed due to the super dry weather.

This is taken in front of the city gate:

This city gate wall is 2000 years old.

This is how the old ancient town looks like. I love that crystal clear river

Dali's people are very talented with handicrafts and metal works like doing silver things

Another part of the ancient city with lots of local handicrafts like scarfs, gloves, tea shops , silverware.

Most of the folks in Dali are Bai ethnic group with their distinctive white colour house

Our Dali local tour guide ( Siaw Ping) who is also the Bai ethnic group so her dress is white in colour too.

This is where we eat our lunch at one of the Bai's ethnic village:

Very antique stool with fine craftworks:

Our lunch:

The rich cheesey taste keropok

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