Before I went to Lijang , everyone is telling me how beautiful and cold is this mountain! so going to teh mountain all prepared with winter clothings, scarf, gloves, and even wine ( bamboo wine) in case it is really freezing cold up on the mountain, but when we reach there it was so hot that we even took off our coat and it because of global warming or is it because the China Government has closed the upper summit hence we can only reach the middle section of the mountain because according to our Lijang tour guide, the upper summit has been closed ...reason the wind is too strong up there even though we do not feel any wind in the middle section of the mountain. As for the snow, we see nothing but white limestone ...real disappointment!! Luckily the scenery is nice which in a way do make up for the unseen snow !!

Hence we did not rent any extra winter clothing and we did not buy any oxygen can.

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