I love peanut butter but 2 things put me off and make me guilty whenever I want to buy peanut butter.

1. I can only eat sugar free peanut butter which is quite difficult to find.

2. Are mouldy peanuts used in the manufacturing of peanut butter? Because if they are mouldy, it can be carcinogenic.

Recently I have just learnt to make my own fresh, sugar free peanut butter. Free and easy method to make it.

1. Check through the peanuts and throw away the mouldy and the not so good ones. Don't wash the peanuts

2. Deep fry the peanuts in oil till light brown but not too brown because the hot oil will continue to brown the peanuts.

3. Take peanut out from oil. No need to skin the peanuts because blending will grind the skin and also give the peanut butter the brown colour.

4, Add some butter to the hot oil.

5. Blend peanuts with the oil from step 4.

Then enjoy the sugar free peanut butter with your bread or crackers

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