Another super organic breakfast from Wendy to start off our beautiful Sunday at Fussa, Japan.

Super soft buns from Costco:

           Organic spinach :

                                            Yummy and healthy salad:

                                                Soft and delicious scones:

                                       Freshly ground and organic home grown padi:

                                        chicken nuggets:

The magic kitchen of Wendy, the cook in black here:
 After breakfast, we walked to church which is just a short distance away from Wendy's house.

After spending 3 hours at the church, I didnt know the name of the Church in English even though I can see the church on goggle map.

Thanks to Wendy for that quick translation during the whole church service or else all the 4 of us would have lost in space since the whole church service was in Japanese.
                                     Service in progress:

American pizza for fellowship:
Cherry coke:

The cheerful lady in the middle is 92 years old.I should learn to live life like her, happy and cheerful.

 Then after much much research from the internet and the photos that I took that has the word Tsuzaka at the pastor's house and after I keyed in Tsuzaka in google search I found that the name of the church was Fussa Bethel Church  福生ベテル教会. Now I am happy that I had achieved what I wanted to know. Got the handsome Pastor Yoshio and his charming wife Noriko Tsuzaka in the photo below:

After Church service, Wendy sent us to Fussa to do our shopping at 100 yen shop .

 That night dinner was specially prepared by Hiroyuki Iwamoto.  

He makes delicious Takoyaki for us all.  

Takoyaki (たこ焼き or 蛸焼?, literally fried or grilled octopus) is a ball-shaped Japanese snack made of a wheat flour-based batter and cooked in a special takoyaki pan.

 Hiroyuki Iwamoto also makes this yummy yummy Japanese Pancake (Okonomiyaki)
Thanks Hiro for that delicious and wonderful dinner. Now I really  miss your Takoyaki and Okonomiyaki.

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On our itinerary we planned to have this 2 days of our stay to spend with the Iwamoto's family since these were the only 2 days everyone was off from work. My sister's ,Wendy Iwamoto, has a beautiful family with a super nice husband,Hiroyuki Iwamoto and 2 wonderful kids,Joshua and Airin. This is indeed a real good example of God's family and a very blessed and happy family.

We woke up to a sumptuous breakfast prepared by Wendy even though she kept saying it was a light breakfast since she planned to bring us to Moritown in the afternoon to have buffet lunch at

Quiche made by Wendy Iwamoto from organic spinach sent by her "best mother-in -law in the universe" for our consumption which includes home grown rice, organic soya beans, organic cabbage, organic huge white carrots, organic tomatoes, organic water melons, organic ferns,organic plums, organic Shiso  : 紫蘇 which will guarantee long life.

"どうもありがとうございます." Doumo arigatou gozaimasu to Mrs Senior Iwamoto for your wonderful  wonderful food.

Quiche baked with much love from Wendy:

Yummy yummy  scones baked from the grinded organic beans after extracting the
soya bean milk

organic plums

                                    shiso 紫蘇

After breakfast, Wendy brought us to a nearby Fussa No. 1 High School
 ( within walking distance)to watch their school sports day. 
Japanese students are super disciplined and very well organised during their sports day.
They all sat down neatly and orderly and waited for their events. After running for their 
events , they returned orderly to their seats. 

 See how orderly they were seated, waiting for their turn to run.

 Mind you, they are big grown up boys and not small kids , if you think they were
by looking at the photo above.

 Love those head bands , simple, practical and easy way to distinguish each other rather
than spending a fortune buying coloured T shirts.

This is what we Malaysians schools  need to learn from the Japanese. During
the Sports Day, parents would bring uniforms that their children cannot wear anymore to
the school and give away free to other parents whose children can wear them. Brilliant
idea - real caring and sharing.

Another thing that I noticed was the Headmaster's phone number was put  at several
places near the school gates so that parents can call him / her easily. As compared to
our school here, headmaster's phone number is one of the best kept top secret.

Okay, let's forget about that best kept secret and let's go to Moritown for food, glorious

Super nice and heavy - eat all you can lunch at Grand China@ : adults ¥1,385 and
children ¥860. Children under three eat free.


                               Delicious beef with asparagus: special dish of the day

 Those are super creamy pumpkins fried with asparagus, yum yum

 I look bigger in size after so much nice food......

 Decor inside Grand China:

 Pui yer tea after meal:

The only photo we took with all the four Iwamotos together:

After a great day, what is better than to sing praises to God and lift His name 

on high!!

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