After a tiring day at Disney Sea yesterday we planned to do something lighter today - just to visit Imperial Palace and Asakusa. Moreover , my friend , Josephine wished to met up with her nephew in who is studying in Keio university. We decided to met each other at Tokyo Station which is within walking distance to the Imperial Palace. As usual and always , zillion thanks to Wendy Iwamoto for her super duper nutritious delicious and yummy breakfast to shield us from hunger whole day long. ,

At Imperial Palace: 

 From Imperial palace we took the subway to Asakusa:
 On arrival , we filled our stomach near the subway station at 3 pm :
 On walking to Asakusa, we enjoyed a view of Tokyo Sky Tree and the famous Asahi poo:

Even though we had heard so much about Asakusa, on reaching it our feelings was so so only, not much to see except for the Sensoji temple and the things on Nakamise street which are expensive as that is a tourist bound area.Nevertheless I bought 2 handbags from a Chinese owned shop here at 1050 yen each ( RM 40 each). To complete our trip to Asakusa taking photos at the Kaminarimon (Kaminari Gate) is a must to confirm that I have visited Asakusa.  For dinner we eat at Saizeriya, a family restaurant situated at the basement. The price is indeed reasonable and affordable for Tokyo standard. but be warned that  the portion is small.

free flow of real grated cheese and olive oil                  

    escagot at 399 yen ( RM 16)

  sphagetti nero di seppia at 499 yen ( RM 20) which will makes your whole mouth black

hamburg & sausage & bacon set at 599 yen  ( RM 24)

Since the portion is small we decided to round up our dinner at McD to try the icecream and McPork ( Can't find any in Malaysia McD since it is not halal here. Each item costs 130 yen ( RM 4.20).

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