Our destination today is Disney Sea which is the only one in Asia. Disney Sea and Disneyland is just next to each other in Tokyo, but we chose Disney Sea since I had been to Disneyland in Hong Kong. Our journey starts from Ushihama Station to Tokyo station by JR Chuo/Ome rapid service line ( RM 36) and from Tokyo Station we got on the JR Keiyo Line to Maihama. The one way train ticket costs 890 yen ( RM 36). But to find JR Keiyo Line in Tokyo is quite a challenge for us since this is the first time we stepped foot in Tokyo and Tokyo station is so big with so many people. Thanks to the colour code and the labeling we managed to find Keiyo Line without much difficulty. When we reached Maihama followed the crowd to walk towards Disneyland and find our way to the Disney Sea resort line to bring us to Disney Sea. The Disney Sea resort line costs 250 yen ( RM 10 )one way.


Flowers at Disney Sea is beautiful indeed!!

 One thing I really don't understand is why is Disney Sea which is an international organisation is using solely Japanese in the whole park ...even turtle talk is in japanese so is Sinbad, Indiana Jones, Under the Sea and everything else. From my observation , I think that is why when I walked round the park I seldom see foreigners except the local Japanese. Communication is a BIG problem here, When we went to the Tower of terror, the personnel in charge there was trying to make the place scary for us judging from her intonation but we don't understand a single word she said hence losing all the suspense and fun. Luckily when we entered the Under The Sea show, we asked for an electronic translator which will show the subtitle in English thus that is the only show that we really understand what is being shown. As compared to Disneyland in Hong Kong, here in Disney Sea we are completely lost due to language barrier. Luckily all the rides are
fun except for the language part.


As usual, in the Disney theme park food is expensive, luckily Wendy had prepared a super heavy breakfast for us which really last us up to 3 pm so we bought this sausage shape bun for 420 yen (RM 17) and later in the evening we bought a meat pie at 380 yen ( RM 15)

At the end of the day, we were quite disappointed that there was no firework display even though the weather was fine except that it was windy. Luckily I didn't book any hotel to stay for the night near Disney Sea which I had intended to do. Judging from what I gathered, it seems that quite often the firework display was cancelled. On reaching Tokyo station, we managed to find this station noodle stall where you buy coupon from the machine outside the shop then gave the coupon to the shop owner to get hot freshly cooked noodles, very yummy and cheap by Tokyo standard - 500 yen


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