After another super heavy , organic and nutritious breakfast provided by my super best sister Wendy.
 We began our long journey all on our own ( through internet research and Hyperdia) from Ushihama to Kawaguchiko. Hyperdia says to go to Mount Fuji from Ushihama we need to take a JR train from Ushihama to Tachikawa and from Tachiwaka , we had to use Azusa train to Otsuki and from Otsuki we need to take a Fujikyu Railway Fujisan Ltd. Exp. 3 to Kawaguchiko. Azusa train:


Actually according to the advice of K's house in Kawaguchiko, they said from Tokyo by bus - the Best option is to take Keio bus for Kawaguchiko station from JR Shinjuku station west exit (on the other side of Keio dept) Tavel hours - 1hour50min , Costs 1700yen (most reccommended for everybody) *Must take 6:00 or 7:10 bus to arrive Kawaguchiko sta. before 9:00. But thinking of Shinjuku and the overcrowded Shinjuku station put me off to use bus as advised , moreover I am afraid I cannot find the bus station too. According to Hyperdia it says the fare on Azusa train is only 760 yen per pax, but on paying the train conductor we need to pay an extra of 900 yen per pax. We tried to ask the train conductor about the extra charge but he did not understand English so he took out a guide book to show us about about this being the green car so we need to pay an extra of 900 yen. Only then I found out that is what the japanese called Romance car where you had proper seats to sit and where you can eat and drink on the train hence the extra charges. Why on earth dis they call this a romance car....not romantic at all !!!! It was a 39 minutes ride to Otsuki. On reaching Otsuki we looked for the Fujikyu train that goes to Kawaguichiko. That costs us another 1110 yen + 300 yen for the express train. Later we paid another 100 yen to sit at the front observatory seat so that we have better view of the countryside.

We reached Kawaguchiko station after 61 minutes.

We used  the free shuttle from K's house Mount Fuji to go to our accomodation near Lake Kawaguchiko.
This is the sitting room at K's house
 Free coffee and tea are provided at this kitchen where you can cook and eat.

\We bought our microwave lunch from 7 seven at 500 yen per packet and eat at the bus stop.

The bus that we used to go to Fifth station.

View of Mount Fuji @ Fifth station when we arrived.

@ the shrine at Fifth station

We visited Lake Kawaguchiko on the way back from Fifth Station.

Our room at K's house Mount Fuji.

See how comfortable we were in our Tatami room:

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