I am going to sit for my 5th PTK test this coming Thursday Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
.... have been getting 3 for the last four tests . To get a promotion I need a 4 which means not less than 8 wrong in the objective paper of 40 questions where every questions seems to have two answers to choose from . Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Hence this time around need to buy a dice to cast for the answers and the important thing is to have the dice blessed before the examination. Is this the way our competency towards our profession are tested as a teacher!!!. No matter how good a teacher in class I am if I fail or did not get a 4 for my PTK , my hard work will never be recognised and there will be no promotion for me at all...sobs... sobs.
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Reading this from The Star makes me more comforted a bit:

"JOHOR BARU: Barely a week after civil servants were granted a hefty pay rise, Cuepacs has wasted no time in coming up with another list of “demands.”

Among the pressing issues are the abolishment of the Efficiency Level Assessment (PTK) and the increase of the civil servants’ retirement age from 56 to 60 years.

Omar said the PTK was a failure and Cuepacs did not want any more assessment based on tests.
He said the only ones in favour of the PTK was a small group of higher ranking officials “who do not have to take the test.” Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

He said that studies done by Cuepacs showed that the objectives of the test were not met and that it was not standardised and not relevant to some workers.

“Some of the workers have only Year Six or Form Two qualifications. How are they to pass the test?

“We don’t want tests. We are the implementers, not the thinkers,” he said, adding that the PTK should be replaced with evaluated courses to promote lifelong learning.

He also dismissed the suggestion of civil servants sitting for exams after attending courses, claiming that would cost the Government too much money.

Omar said that it would be embarrassing for someone with 30 years of service to fail the test despite having practical experience. Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

“This will cause loss of image for the more senior workers,” he added."

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket Mr Nor

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According to the latest news from Taipei times :

Students are also lining up with people from all segments of Chinese society seeking to profit from the red-hot stock market, which has tripled in value since January last year. The number of new trading accounts in China rocketed to 5 million in the first quarter of this year, compared with 3.08 million last year.

Officials both in China and abroad have repeatedly cautioned investors they could lose everything if the bubble were to pop.The stock market fever in China is so high till some creative people come up with this new anthem:

Arise, Arise, Arise,
Ye who haven’t opened an account,
With all your money
Let us invest in the tempting stock market
The People in
China are in the most
crazy time,
Everyone must roar his defiance
Up fast
Up fast
Up fast (stock market)!
Millions of hearts with one mind
Get rich quick!
More Money!
More money!
More money

instead of the original anthem:

March of the Volunteers
Ye who refuse to be slaves!
With our very flesh and blood,
Let us build our new Great Wall!
The peoples of China are in the most critical time,
Everybody must roar his defiance.
Millions of hearts with one mind,
Brave the enemy's gunfire, March on!
Brave the enemy's gunfire, March on!
March on!
March on!
March on!

WOW lidat also can one bor...!!!! How creative people can be !!!!

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New Kid in the blogger's World : Bloggerwave

I just discovered Bloggerwave and i am really excited to take up their opportunities. For beginners bloggers like us it is a very good starting ground for us to start blogging for money. The opportunities are limited currently but they are growing fast.

The plus point about this new company is , I am able to get my blogs approved at Bloggerwave so fast . I registered my blog yesterday and today it is approved . Good Work Bloggerwave!!!. They also allow bloggers to list up to five blogs. WOW ! Other sites of this type limit you to 1 blog only and usually take several weeks to be approved. Logging onto the website is pretty fast too, not like some other sites of this type which take ages to log on.

This site proves themselves to be real efficient, fast and prompt . If you are interested to blog for $$$ , go on over to Bloggerwave and sign up now.. You will surely like what is up for grab.

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Good News for all Malaysians and other paypal members out there!!
Paypal has already fixed their technical problems and we can now again accept our incoming funds already without adding any US bank account, so quick hurry to paypal website and accept all the payments that has been lying before our eyes and worrying dead about the the deadline.
I have just accepted my Paypal payment. Muahaha!!!!

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So you have always heard about the Singapore 3C's , the Card , the Cash and the Car
You may also have heard about the 3M's in life that man pursue. The Mansion, the Money and the Mercedes. But have you heard about the 3K's in life :

First K - Kiasu( meaning afraid to fail). When we are 20-30 years old we are so afraid of Kiasu in our career, rite? you work hard to climb your career ladder

Second K- Kiabor ( meaning afraid of wife)- That is the 30-40 years old stage where you kowtow to your wife in everything she says

Third K- Kiasi ( meaning afraid to die)- that is from 50 years onwards, you will be so afraid to die. You start to look after your own health . You refrain from oily food.... afraid of heart attack.... high cholesterol... afraid of high blood pressure. You start to exercise . You start to eat health ( or is it Hell) food.
So which stage of life are you now?

Kiasu.....Kiabor....... or Kiasi..............

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Want to improve traffic to your blog and at the same time improve your Alexa and Technorati ranking? Then join in the ALEXA REDIRECT LINK TRAIN. this is how you can do it:





Criz's Sanctury promotes this train. So here is my list.

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Alexa Redirect for Digital Information Technology

So anyone interested to ride this Alexa Redirect Train too , then drop me a comment.

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Everybody is looking forward to the mid year semester break which will be 2 weeks long . Every year this holiday will coincide with the unique Gawai Harvest Festival in Sarawak and for visitors this is the best of the best time to visit Sarawak , Land of the Hornbill.The festival begins during the last week of May and continues well before the big day and have their own small scale Gawai feast at the end of their harvests.

It is celebrated by the Iban, Bidayuh and the Orang Ulu communities . The elders perform traditional rites. Everyone dresses in their beautiful traditional costumes and there is lots of food and drink. Tuak (rice wine) and an array of traditional food are generously served along the ruai (verandah) and bilik ( room )in every longhouse. Widespread celebrations are held not only in the main cities and towns but also in the interior settlements.

Gawai is an occasion for parties, fun and games, processions and ‘open houses’. At rural dwellings, especially in roadside villages and remote villages, guests are expected to taste tuak and eat at each household. Thus in a 30 door longhouse with a family living behind each door,it means partaking in festivities over and over again. Music and dancing usually follow to liven up the mood.

Obviously, Gawai Dayak is the best and the most interesting time to visit Sarawak as you can see and sample the lifestyle and its festivities. All visitors are warmly received and accepted as new friends even if they happen to be strangers. It will definitely be a happy time for all concerned.

So are you coming to visit Sarawak, Land of the Hornbill this June? Flights to Sarawak is aplenty, cheap and easy because we have two major airlines serving the state , MAS Airline and Air Asia. For those on tight budget Air Asia is the definite choice because it is a low cost airlines. Another superb alternative is, you just book the flight through the one-stop Vacations . They will take care of you from departure to arrival to departure home after the holiday

Worried about hotel reservation ? No problem also because hotels can be reserved online through Vacations . This Vacations is offering very special Internet rates for those who book online . This Special Internet Rates will save you money. the reason why they can offer this is because of the large number of lodging reservations they process, so they are able to negotiate very special rates with the properties. They guarantee that their Special Internet Rates are the lowest you can find. Booking online is easy. You just need up-front payment with your credit card.

To have a hassle free holiday sign yourself up now .

Just leave the whole holiday itineraries to them. You can just sit back, relax and enjoy your well deserved holiday. I like best their vacation package where you can choose whether it is Flight+hotel+car or Flight + hotel or Hotel + car or Flight + car where everything can be tailored to your own individual needs.

One very strong point about Vacations is, they are giving
3.toll free
4.round the clock

customer support so that we all can have a worry-free holiday.
so why wait, sign up and book yourself a wonderful holiday now at Vacations to the Land of the Hornbill.... SARAWAK this June.

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I have been editing and editing on all the 4 posts that I have submitted for PPP- PayPerPost after they were rejected for technical reasons that I will share with my readers later on. This morning after the usual editing , I went marketing to buy fish for my lunch. When I am back... checked my email and found 1 new mail....I was thinking to myself rejected again ....but to my surprise instead it is :

Hello Christina Kong,

This is a notification letting you know that your PayPerPost post, Top 5 reasons
why I love PPP, has been approved. Tell your friends how quick and easy that

So this is the first time my post is approved ... hurray I say it is not the $$$ that is the self satisfaction and recognition that matter most to us as bloggers.

For the technical parts why my posts was rejected as information to those who are interested to sign up for PayPerPost:

1. There should be no advertisement or promotional items at all in the paid post especially the content links advertisement
2.You must have a disclosure policy in your blog. I learn slowly to find out how to write one as I am not a lawyer by profession.
3.Paid posts cannot not be consecutive. Each paid post must be separated by at
least one non-PayPerPost.

But thumbs up for the PayPerPost team for they give us a lot of chances to edit our posts before they are approved. As you know editing our posts really takes up a lot of their time .

So are you interested to blog for money too? Then quick quick sign up with the forms found at my sidebar here. Good luck and all the best .

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Proud to be a Malaysian?? Then all Malaysian Bloggers.. young and old ...ladies and gentlemen ,mothers and fathers, grandfathers and grandmothers, asalkan you are Malaysian , you all are eligible to join ..... so quick quick come and join this:

For Non Malaysians, don't worry you are not left out. If your blog feature anything pertaining to Malaysia (example: Malaysian food, Formula 1 in Malaysia and etc) are also eligible to join too.

Steps to join My List is found here.

Easy steps:How To Participate

1. Download My List in Text format.
2. Make a new post promoting My List.
3. Paste My List at the end of your post.
4. Publish the post and ensure all links are in working order.
5. Submit your contact details and the permanent url of your MyList post by using the contact form here. Your blog url will then be added to the list.
6. Post a new post of the final My List after receiving an email notification. This is done to ensure everyone will benefit from this even those who participate later or close to the deadline.

Deadline:31st May 2007

My list participate so far is found here

1.Share Everything In Life
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193.Daryl's Discovery Journey
194.The fluff must go somewhere

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When you are half a century old, you tend to ponder, What are my TOP 5 priorities in life?

1. Family- this is my top priority in my life , nothing can change that position. I always want to make sure my family are safe, especially my sons. When they were young , I could sacrifice all my time for them. sitting with them , accompanied them at night after a hard day work while they did their homework. That I did for 17 years for each of my sons.

2. Faith- without God we are nothing. And the good thing is.... the older you get the holier you become, this maybe because our days on earth is getting shorter and shorter. I find that as our age increases, our reliance on God increases too.

3. Health - this really decides whether we are happy or depressed because if we have too much health related problems we can really get very very depressed worrying about our blood pressure, blood glucose, cholesterol level. heart attack etc etc so to be happy we really need to be healthy.

4. Money - even though $$ is not everything but it can gives us nearly everything we want ... a holiday, a new pair of shoes, nice food, new cars, new houses. Hence $$$ is still everything.

5. Achieving success - After working for the last 20 years , I still look forward to achieving success in my career, my life, my family and success in whatever I do because that nice feeling of success can push and motivate us on to the second half century of my life

p.s. This reflection is my entry for the
top 5- Group Writing Project

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