So you have always heard about the Singapore 3C's , the Card , the Cash and the Car
You may also have heard about the 3M's in life that man pursue. The Mansion, the Money and the Mercedes. But have you heard about the 3K's in life :

First K - Kiasu( meaning afraid to fail). When we are 20-30 years old we are so afraid of Kiasu in our career, rite? you work hard to climb your career ladder

Second K- Kiabor ( meaning afraid of wife)- That is the 30-40 years old stage where you kowtow to your wife in everything she says

Third K- Kiasi ( meaning afraid to die)- that is from 50 years onwards, you will be so afraid to die. You start to look after your own health . You refrain from oily food.... afraid of heart attack.... high cholesterol... afraid of high blood pressure. You start to exercise . You start to eat health ( or is it Hell) food.
So which stage of life are you now?

Kiasu.....Kiabor....... or Kiasi..............

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