I have been editing and editing on all the 4 posts that I have submitted for PPP- PayPerPost after they were rejected for technical reasons that I will share with my readers later on. This morning after the usual editing , I went marketing to buy fish for my lunch. When I am back... checked my email and found 1 new mail....I was thinking to myself ...OMG...post rejected again ....but to my surprise instead it is :

Hello Christina Kong,

This is a notification letting you know that your PayPerPost post, Top 5 reasons
why I love PPP, has been approved. Tell your friends how quick and easy that

So this is the first time my post is approved ... hurray hurray...as I say it is not the $$$ that counts...it is the self satisfaction and recognition that matter most to us as bloggers.

For the technical parts why my posts was rejected as information to those who are interested to sign up for PayPerPost:

1. There should be no advertisement or promotional items at all in the paid post especially the content links advertisement
2.You must have a disclosure policy in your blog. I learn slowly to find out how to write one as I am not a lawyer by profession.
3.Paid posts cannot not be consecutive. Each paid post must be separated by at
least one non-PayPerPost.

But thumbs up for the PayPerPost team for they give us a lot of chances to edit our posts before they are approved. As you know editing our posts really takes up a lot of their time .

So are you interested to blog for money too? Then quick quick sign up with the forms found at my sidebar here. Good luck and all the best .

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    Ken Xu said...

    Congratulation! And thanks for your tips! I haven't approved by PPP because my blog is not 3 months old yet! :(

    I hope I can start earning with PPP soon! :)

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  2. X'tina said...

    Hi Ken Xu, It does take some time for your blog to be approved, So meanwhile blog more and try to get more traffic to your site.Actually blogging for $$$ is not easy as ppl claim. Luckily the PPP team is very patient with us and give us a lot of chances to edit our post. Meanwhile you can try your luck with Blogsvertise because it is easier to get your blog approved there but assignment is much less around once a month only.

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