Everybody is looking forward to the mid year semester break which will be 2 weeks long . Every year this holiday will coincide with the unique Gawai Harvest Festival in Sarawak and for visitors this is the best of the best time to visit Sarawak , Land of the Hornbill.The festival begins during the last week of May and continues well before the big day and have their own small scale Gawai feast at the end of their harvests.

It is celebrated by the Iban, Bidayuh and the Orang Ulu communities . The elders perform traditional rites. Everyone dresses in their beautiful traditional costumes and there is lots of food and drink. Tuak (rice wine) and an array of traditional food are generously served along the ruai (verandah) and bilik ( room )in every longhouse. Widespread celebrations are held not only in the main cities and towns but also in the interior settlements.

Gawai is an occasion for parties, fun and games, processions and ‘open houses’. At rural dwellings, especially in roadside villages and remote villages, guests are expected to taste tuak and eat at each household. Thus in a 30 door longhouse with a family living behind each door,it means partaking in festivities over and over again. Music and dancing usually follow to liven up the mood.

Obviously, Gawai Dayak is the best and the most interesting time to visit Sarawak as you can see and sample the lifestyle and its festivities. All visitors are warmly received and accepted as new friends even if they happen to be strangers. It will definitely be a happy time for all concerned.

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