New Kid in the blogger's World : Bloggerwave

I just discovered Bloggerwave and i am really excited to take up their opportunities. For beginners bloggers like us it is a very good starting ground for us to start blogging for money. The opportunities are limited currently but they are growing fast.

The plus point about this new company is , I am able to get my blogs approved at Bloggerwave so fast . I registered my blog yesterday and today it is approved . Good Work Bloggerwave!!!. They also allow bloggers to list up to five blogs. WOW ! Other sites of this type limit you to 1 blog only and usually take several weeks to be approved. Logging onto the website is pretty fast too, not like some other sites of this type which take ages to log on.

This site proves themselves to be real efficient, fast and prompt . If you are interested to blog for $$$ , go on over to Bloggerwave and sign up now.. You will surely like what is up for grab.

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    ehon said...


    Wahahahahaha! Wah seh! I found your blog! Great stuff! :D Oh, I'm Ehon lar. The most famous, good, nice, kind, innocent and sweet student. Impossible you don't remember lar. :P Wahahahaha!

  1. ... on 9:17 PM  
  2. X'tina said...

    aisehman..only now u discover my no one ok I have been reading ur blog for a year oledi liao lor sh... only i noe u noe ok?
    I noe how u come to my blog,,, thru Ahpek's rite?? Saw a touching blog from 5X mom about you and Ryan..... So how is life, young man?

  3. ... on 9:23 PM  
  4. ehon said...

    eyhh! i forgot to check the comment! :P hahahaha. sure thing! no worries.

    wahh. we read the same blogs ler! lol. yeah thru ahpek but i only drop by his blog once in a while lar.

    u serious or not? u read my blog for so long liaoo??!

    life. ok ok lar. very stressful these 2 weeks lor. still not stressing out for exams though. lol! but yeah, just gotta push thru another these 2 weeks, and then the exams, so in total, 5 more weeks and i should be jumping and kicking again. lol!

  5. ... on 5:10 PM  
  6. X'tina said...

    yup i have been reading ur blog for some time liao...good blog there...Keep blogging.
    So good luck and study hard for your exams hor... hope u pass with flying warna-warna .. All d best

  7. ... on 7:21 PM