How angry: angry angry angry angry angry.....

angry with who: higher authority

angry of what: of people irresponsibilities!
of people who can only talk but cannot do their work well!!,
of people who never bother to jot down what other people tell her!
of people who likes to pass their work onto other conveniently

why angry: because people just do things at their own conveniences without taking
into account of other feelings!
because people who claims to be caring,yes caring cos they only care for
themselves only!!

I really feel like to go up to that person and say:

1. You......get lost!!
2. you are silly
3. you are kanasai
4. .....................

What will you say if you are as angry as me?

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Took this typing test at Keeyit's blog and this is my report card:

25 words


I know I am a lousy in typing. As I took the test , this memory comes back to me. I remembered donkey years back , after my Form 5, I wanted so much to learn typing since my ambition at that time was to become a teacher and I knew typing was very essential to a teacher. At that time we all used a machine to type which is also known as a typewriter. It really needs special skills to use that machine : the way we place our fingers, the way to place the paper and to way to do the spacing and the way to roll to the correct place after we corrected our mistakes using liquid paper. I went to one of the typing school in Sibu for only a night and because of no money to pay for the fees of RM 90 per month, I quit. Life back then was hard and RM 90 means a lot to the family!

When I first started teaching and using typewriter to type my school work, it was real difficult and tough without that knowledge of typing. Typing was a big frustration. And only in the 90's when I learned to use computer I found that typing was so much easier. Thanks to computer and printer, typing now is a bliss though I can only type 25 words a minute after so many years!

My old typewriter that we bought in 1983....25 years ago liao !!

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My blood sugar has not been good ever since I returned from UK. During my whole month stay there , the readings were beautiful, always less than 6 mmol/L for my fasting blood sugar reading. That is why I could indulge myself with lots of cheese cakes, bread, chocolates and even icecream while in UK.

In January, my sugar reading was hoovering around 6 to 6.9, never below 6. Worst still being the festive season, it is food, food, nothing but food all the time.I have been taking leaves like Misai Kuching (貓鬚草) , sharp tail Pheonix (尖尾鳯) but the reading never fell below 6. For information, every morning when I woke up I made these 3 pots of drinks:

Hence last Saturday I decide to change course, I went to buy 12 kilos of guava and started to take guava juice again after a lapse of 3 months. And on top of guava juice I took raw petai , I took 8 seeds on Saturday and 8 seeds yesterday. and alas...this morning my fasting blood sugar is 5.6 mmol/L...

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Went to the new Ipoh Town Koiptiam at Boulevard for lunch with hubby. I ordered Bean sprout Chicken Rice ( RM 7.50) plus kopi O kosong ( RM 1.70). Total Bill - RM 9.20.

The rice is just plain rice. Bean sprout are not Ipoh bean sprout, just the local Kuching bean sprout. Damn lousy meal!. I will never go back for their chicken rice again. Actually I wanted to order toast for which they are quite famous for. but the worries of sugar put me off, especailly kaya and strawberry fillings. Regret....I should have gone to Chicking for chicken rice...much nicer and cheaper too.

Hubby no bring his old man's specs so cannot see the menu thus ask me to order. I ordered Nasi Lemak Special for him ( RM 6.30) and Ipoh Town White coffee ( RM 2.20). That was much nicer than my chicken rice. But he complained that the white coffee is a bit too sweet!

For me , I will not go back to Ipoh Town Kopitiam for the second time..... expensive and not nice ..the food.

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Witness some "High standard" Lion dance this CNY.

1. At Spring Kuching during the opening of HSL:

Then saw this at Wisma Sanyan Sibu:

These people have surely prepared and practised very hard for months just to show us that masterpiece that lasted for only 15 minutes!

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Love this sweet potato rat from photobucket . People are so creative , even with sweet potato.

CNY Decor at Boulevard, Kuching :

Nice hor?

Chap Goh Mei is here but we already had our pre- Chap Goh Mei dinner at Coca Restaurant at Riverside Majestic last Saturday since son#1 and his cousin will be leaving for Kedah and Shanghai for work before Chap Goh Mei.
1. Fish Lip and sea cucumber soup:

2. Roasted duck

3. Sambal Chicken
4, Mixed veggies 5. Teochew Style steamed fish
6. Green veggies
7. Dessert

Happy family together gather... Total bill RM 400 for 2 tables ....cos got priority card which means 50% discount . Not bad that price for a 5* service and dinner, somemore got a room to ourselves with all the kids running around and the hee hee haa haa all night long!

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Last 2 days I withdrew the last of my last payment from paypal . After this I am definite that there will be no more $$ for many many years to come...with PR - 0 , with no opportunities , no more paid posts to write.

I am not complaining about no paid post. I was thinking what should I do with that RM 1500+ that I got from my last payment??? They are hard earned money , you know?? Waking up at midnight hunting for paid posts to write... If midnight no...then with that hunting thoughts I slept and woke up early next morning to continue hunting ......and if there were opportunities, I, at times need to squeeze out my brain juice thinking of what to write and type to meet all the requirements.

At times my posts were rejected outright and the poor me....... have to grope here and there to find out why they were rejected because the reasons given by them are are often so vague and brief. As an ordinary human, I just don't want to give up on that miserable USD 5. The worst thing is..... there is nobody around to help me and for me to ask for help to find out why the rejection of my posts...hence many a times it is not single rejection, sometimes double or even triple rejections and you should hear my heartbeat when I checked my email after I have resubmited my posts!! Telling myself ..oh no.... not another rejection!!

Hence with those last $$ earned, should I.....

1. Buy a Nokia Hp 57oo with that amount to pamper and love myself ?

But then hor I already have my Sony w800i which is equally good?

Moreover I still have that spare old dinosaur Nokia 2100 hp lying there !!

Thus making me very guilty to spend my hard earned $$ like that....

2. Should I just deposit it into my FD and let it grow with that miserable interest of 3.1% p.a.?

3. Or should I iron all those $$ and put into tupperware container since they are very air tight?? Can be pressed flat somemore to save storage space!!

Any suggestions, please?

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Son #2 send an SOS asking me to help him to think of teochew dishes to cook for his belated CNY reunion dinner with his friends in UK. UK kah ? I tell myself .. Getting chinese cooking ingredients is a big problem le... Luckily I have been there myself and at least I know what are the things available at the supermarkets in Burnley . Moreover Burnley being a small town , do not have chinatown as in Manchester, Leeds and London where you can get all the chinese cooking ingredients at sky -rocket price!!But Burnley do have Tesco, Asda and Sainsbury supermarket.

So I have to refresh my mind about traditional teochew dishes

1. Ooi Nee ( Yam pudding)

This is a really traditional Teochew dish, easy to make too but how to get good , loose texture yam in UK?

2. Fish head cooked with yam

Fish like garupa or kurau is very difficult to get in UK, mostly they have salmon or cod fish . And again this dish is out too!

3. Kiam chye( salted veggies) duck with preserved lemon

Duck are not easily available in UK, what more to say salted vegetables and preserved lemon....again out this dish!!

4. Savoury Kuih: ( Jui kuih)

Easy to make too but how to get rice flour, starch or tapioca flour, dried radish or chai-poh and dried prawns in UK le? Alamak... teochew dishes got...but no ingredients....

5. Teochew Perng Kueh (潮州饭馃)
( the type with glutinous rice as filling)

These are very traditional Teochew kuih that I learn to make from my late mother-in-law.But where to buy glutinous rice and rice flour , moreover as bachelor he does not have big kuali to steam those kuih?

6. Rolled Fillings of Minced Prawns & Meat

Meat got, prawns (peeled and perboiled type) also got , but cannot buy those tauhu skin in Burnley...haiyor....

7. Lastly this dish come to my mind ....Pak lo duck

I suggested that he substituted the duck with chicken or even the 3 layer pork and add in some hard boiled eggs , that will be a Teochew dish.

Any other teochew dish you all can think of for me?

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Last 2 days, my close colleagues are filling up all the doucuments prior to their retirement and it is not one of them but 4 of them ( all are close friends to me and we have been together gather for the last 17 years ).

Once they all retired and leave the school, life will definitely be lonelier because no matter what, there will always be a gap between the new generation of teachers as compared to those that are of the same era and age to me.

The most felt thing is the food and laughter that I will definitely miss. Like we say soon when this whole gang leave, we who are left behind will be like this:

Sad hor?

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My friend, Mary brought these cookies to school and requested me to blog about them since these are extinct cookies now.

1. Lek tau koh

These are very traditional cookies made with green bean flour and shaped with those fine wooden mould and then dried under the sun. Only the older generation can make such fine cookies. To judge how good they are, they must melt in the mouth . If they don't melt, it means that they are not made with pure green flour.

2. Kuih Bangkit

This is another traditional cookies made from sago flour and like lek tau koh ,it should melt in the mouth with a hot feeling like corroding away our tongue. The smell is good due to the pure coconut milk used for making it . The moulded cookies resemble the "mei fah" flowers

3. Kuih S

These Kuih S are not made with mould . They are shaped with hands after being pumped with the cookies pump. I , for one will and can never make cookies like these cause the lack the patience and the skill to make those " u-siew" cookies .

I can only make cookies with cookie cutter. Even with cookies cutter , my cookies will be of different thickness too. Sometimes they are so thick that the cookies are just not crispy as they should be......I really surrender if you ask me to make cookies !!! I still make some because it is real hard to find wholemeal, sugar free cookies in town for my consumption

my cheesy stars
My chessy almond orange cookies

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Sibu is just next to Rejang river which is the longest river in Malaysia. We drove there on the second day of CNY after paying RM 3 toll to cross the longest bridge in Sarawak, the Lanang bridge.

We stayed at RH hotel (4*) which is just next to the tallest building in Sibu, Wisma Sanyan which houses Parkson Ria.

The hotel lobby

CNY decor in the lobby

Hotel's bathroom:
Nicely packed soaps and shampoos:

Most of the streets in Sibu are one way streets so for us the first timer driver to Sibu, it is turning round and round to find our destinations. One funny thing is : when we ask our Sibu Foochows relatives how to drive from Lanang bridge to RH hotel: the answer we get is " very easy, just drive straight from Lanang bridge.

With that instruction , you can never reach RH hotel. Can see the building but can never reach it. You should drive straight and turn left when you reach the fire station, then drive straight and turn left around the corner of the Tua Pek Kong temple in town by the riverside and reach Rajang Port Authority and take the roundabout , turn and reach the Sibu Town Square then turn into RH hotel. that should be the proper wonder they are called Fool-chows!

Didn't get to see much of Sibu cos most of the shops were closed on that day. Luckily Wisma Sanyan was open so we had lunch at Pizza Hut there. We tried the new 24 Golden happiness cheesy crown and the meatball spaghetti. The taste was good and chessy as claimed.

The colour looks so different from the advertisement : -_____-

Believe me : all in all I only spent 40 sen all the way from Kuching to Sibu ...and that is for going to the public toilet at Lachau stopover and the Serian Junction.

Hotel: Sponsored by husband's niece

Petrol and bridge toll : husband paid

First day lunch :brought from home

First day dinner: Eat free at my sister's place

Second day breakfast ( kampua ): Auntie in Sarikei 'chia'

Second day lunch ( pizza hut ) : SIL 'chia'

Second Day dinner ( big feast) - Another SIL in laws 'Chia'

Third day breakfast ( sibu laksa ) - SIL whose daughter gets married that day ' chia'

Third day lunch ( wedding lunch at New Capitol restaurant) - Foochow chia no terima ang-pow one.

Third Day dinner ( Kuching ) : New Year visting at my Husband 's niece place, who rang me and invited us to her new house to eat Bario rice ,curry chicken and roasted chicken

Hence I only spent 40 sen for the whole trip.

Like this can go every year hor, save $$, save energy from doing those open house thingie...hahaha

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