Took this typing test at Keeyit's blog and this is my report card:

25 words


I know I am a lousy in typing. As I took the test , this memory comes back to me. I remembered donkey years back , after my Form 5, I wanted so much to learn typing since my ambition at that time was to become a teacher and I knew typing was very essential to a teacher. At that time we all used a machine to type which is also known as a typewriter. It really needs special skills to use that machine : the way we place our fingers, the way to place the paper and to way to do the spacing and the way to roll to the correct place after we corrected our mistakes using liquid paper. I went to one of the typing school in Sibu for only a night and because of no money to pay for the fees of RM 90 per month, I quit. Life back then was hard and RM 90 means a lot to the family!

When I first started teaching and using typewriter to type my school work, it was real difficult and tough without that knowledge of typing. Typing was a big frustration. And only in the 90's when I learned to use computer I found that typing was so much easier. Thanks to computer and printer, typing now is a bliss though I can only type 25 words a minute after so many years!

My old typewriter that we bought in 1983....25 years ago liao !!

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    cbenc12 said...

    i can type 84 words a min~~~ Kekekkee.. i am so happy~

  1. ... on 9:27 PM  
  2. X'tina said...


    Alamak...lidat I need to jump the cliff liao, sure my speed of jumping also slow motion one my typing.

  3. ... on 9:37 PM  
  4. Eric said...

    Haha. Not an insult to you, but I got 46 words on first try.

    I think it's your reflexes that has slowed down.

    Don't worry too much. =D

  5. ... on 8:15 PM  
  6. X'tina said...

    Don't worry, I know I am not a good typist, that is I didn't end up as a clerk or secretary.
    Old liao mah so eye -hand-brain coordinations all slow down lor.

  7. ... on 9:00 PM