Chinese New year was here and now it is nearly over , being the fourth day today and it is back to work tomorrow. Guess what we are discussing... what to do next New Year liao..where to eat for reunion and where to go for CNY next year...hahaha

Okay we had our Reunion dinner at the Hongkong Noodle House@ 438 per table

Menu and food for the night:
1. yee sang

2. cold dish
3. shark Fin soup
4. Steamed fish
5. Buttered prawns

6. herbal chicken
7. Mixed Mushroom
8. Seafood noodles

9. The finale of the night was the appearance of the "God of no prosperity" which gave every table a 6D toto number in the ang-pow packet . Why god of no prosperity..cos there is lots of doubt in the toto number .....the winning number ( with prize money of RM 5 million) was known at 7. 15 pm but the number was only given to the patrons at 9.30 pm ..alamak next time if give , give numbers that are not drawn one lar....

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