Went to the new Ipoh Town Koiptiam at Boulevard for lunch with hubby. I ordered Bean sprout Chicken Rice ( RM 7.50) plus kopi O kosong ( RM 1.70). Total Bill - RM 9.20.

The rice is just plain rice. Bean sprout are not Ipoh bean sprout, just the local Kuching bean sprout. Damn lousy meal!. I will never go back for their chicken rice again. Actually I wanted to order toast for which they are quite famous for. but the worries of sugar put me off, especailly kaya and strawberry fillings. Regret....I should have gone to Chicking for chicken rice...much nicer and cheaper too.

Hubby no bring his old man's specs so cannot see the menu thus ask me to order. I ordered Nasi Lemak Special for him ( RM 6.30) and Ipoh Town White coffee ( RM 2.20). That was much nicer than my chicken rice. But he complained that the white coffee is a bit too sweet!

For me , I will not go back to Ipoh Town Kopitiam for the second time..... expensive and not nice ..the food.

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