Sibu is just next to Rejang river which is the longest river in Malaysia. We drove there on the second day of CNY after paying RM 3 toll to cross the longest bridge in Sarawak, the Lanang bridge.

We stayed at RH hotel (4*) which is just next to the tallest building in Sibu, Wisma Sanyan which houses Parkson Ria.

The hotel lobby

CNY decor in the lobby

Hotel's bathroom:
Nicely packed soaps and shampoos:

Most of the streets in Sibu are one way streets so for us the first timer driver to Sibu, it is turning round and round to find our destinations. One funny thing is : when we ask our Sibu Foochows relatives how to drive from Lanang bridge to RH hotel: the answer we get is " very easy, just drive straight from Lanang bridge.

With that instruction , you can never reach RH hotel. Can see the building but can never reach it. You should drive straight and turn left when you reach the fire station, then drive straight and turn left around the corner of the Tua Pek Kong temple in town by the riverside and reach Rajang Port Authority and take the roundabout , turn and reach the Sibu Town Square then turn into RH hotel. that should be the proper wonder they are called Fool-chows!

Didn't get to see much of Sibu cos most of the shops were closed on that day. Luckily Wisma Sanyan was open so we had lunch at Pizza Hut there. We tried the new 24 Golden happiness cheesy crown and the meatball spaghetti. The taste was good and chessy as claimed.

The colour looks so different from the advertisement : -_____-

Believe me : all in all I only spent 40 sen all the way from Kuching to Sibu ...and that is for going to the public toilet at Lachau stopover and the Serian Junction.

Hotel: Sponsored by husband's niece

Petrol and bridge toll : husband paid

First day lunch :brought from home

First day dinner: Eat free at my sister's place

Second day breakfast ( kampua ): Auntie in Sarikei 'chia'

Second day lunch ( pizza hut ) : SIL 'chia'

Second Day dinner ( big feast) - Another SIL in laws 'Chia'

Third day breakfast ( sibu laksa ) - SIL whose daughter gets married that day ' chia'

Third day lunch ( wedding lunch at New Capitol restaurant) - Foochow chia no terima ang-pow one.

Third Day dinner ( Kuching ) : New Year visting at my Husband 's niece place, who rang me and invited us to her new house to eat Bario rice ,curry chicken and roasted chicken

Hence I only spent 40 sen for the whole trip.

Like this can go every year hor, save $$, save energy from doing those open house thingie...hahaha

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    bayi said...

    Looks like you had had a very hectic programme this CNY. Must have been quite enjoyable.

  1. ... on 4:37 PM  
  2. Helen said...

    Happy New Year to you. :-)

    At least you get to move around and enjoy some sightseeing. CNY is pretty sien for me.

    You're right, the pizza sure looks different from their poster. That's just it, they never look the same. Some branches are better than others for Pizza Hut, KFC and Mc D.

  3. ... on 6:15 PM  
  4. X'tina said...

    As compared to my own open house, this is very easy life lor...sitting in the car , see places then eat and sleep. Very enjoyable indeed.

    A very Prosperous New Year to you too.
    Yu should have gone for sight seeing like me then CNY will not be that sien lor. Afterall in Semananjung it is so easy to drive from one state to the other, good and well lit roads too...except for the toll...-___-

  5. ... on 8:40 PM  
  6. Maverick SM said...

    Can I also go with you for many "chia" I also want!!!!

  7. ... on 1:07 AM  
  8. X'tina said...

    Sure, sure . next time I will invite you to come along but toilet tax you have to pay hor...LOL

  9. ... on 10:15 AM