My friend, Mary brought these cookies to school and requested me to blog about them since these are extinct cookies now.

1. Lek tau koh

These are very traditional cookies made with green bean flour and shaped with those fine wooden mould and then dried under the sun. Only the older generation can make such fine cookies. To judge how good they are, they must melt in the mouth . If they don't melt, it means that they are not made with pure green flour.

2. Kuih Bangkit

This is another traditional cookies made from sago flour and like lek tau koh ,it should melt in the mouth with a hot feeling like corroding away our tongue. The smell is good due to the pure coconut milk used for making it . The moulded cookies resemble the "mei fah" flowers

3. Kuih S

These Kuih S are not made with mould . They are shaped with hands after being pumped with the cookies pump. I , for one will and can never make cookies like these cause the lack the patience and the skill to make those " u-siew" cookies .

I can only make cookies with cookie cutter. Even with cookies cutter , my cookies will be of different thickness too. Sometimes they are so thick that the cookies are just not crispy as they should be......I really surrender if you ask me to make cookies !!! I still make some because it is real hard to find wholemeal, sugar free cookies in town for my consumption

my cheesy stars
My chessy almond orange cookies

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    keeyit said...

    I love kuih Bangkit and pineapple tarts among all those Chinese New Year although my friends said the feeling is weird when the kuih Bangkit in their mouth.. hahahha

  1. ... on 10:56 AM  
  2. Eric said...

    I like the first cookie so much lah. Aiyo so nice. Can't find the best word to describe it.

  3. ... on 6:14 PM  
  4. X'tina said...

    I loved those kuih bangkit and especially the pineapple tarts with lots of jam inside, but sobs i can only smell. look and take photos liao ...cannot eat becos of high blood sugar, sad hor?

    Yup, real nice especially the melting process in our mouth.

  5. ... on 8:15 AM