We drove to Sarikei on the first day of CNY. It was a 5 hours drive away from Kuching and thanks to PPES for the super good road all the way to Sarikei and the best thing is no toll to pay all the way there.
Nice to see my family members and this is the first time in 28 years that I ever spent my CNY with them even though Kuching is so near to Sarikei. As usual it is food food food to welcome us.

We stayed for only a night there and after tasting the famous kam-pua the next day we drove to Sibu which is another hour drive from Sarikei.

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    Daniel Yiek said...

    Checkout Sarikei website at http://sarikei-time-capsule.blogspot.com/

    Pls forward to all Sarikei friends


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